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Online Teaching Jobs from Home in India in 2020 – Pros and Cons

Online teaching jobs from home in India has become the talk of the town in recent times. Considering the present situation, where the world is facing so much trouble and uncertainty at the same time, online teaching serves as the savior for those who are looking for ways to earn money. The demand for online learning has increased as one cannot attend institutions and colleges at present.

This has led to the rise in vacancies for people who have knowledge of subjects and can spare time and effort for mentoring students online. Online courses started a long time back, but then recorded lectures and fixed tutorials containing pdf documents were used to gather knowledge regarding a particular topic or subject. But now there is a rising requirement for individuals who can provide solutions to certain problems that are not present in pre-recorded lectures. Here, the need for online tutors is felt.

Experience from online teaching jobs from home in India is not at all like a customary classroom lecture experience, that includes various computer-assisted training systems including some devices and programming. Before we talk about the top advantages of internet-based teaching, let’s examine the two general classifications of online teaching jobs from home in India:

  1. Synchronous: It involves real-time online learning. In this type of tutoring, the teacher and students are online at a specific predefined time and the process takes place. It is a kind of instructor-led class happening online.
  2. Asynchronous: In this type of teaching, the learning is not taking place in real-time. The engagement between the instructor and students takes place as per their convenience. An example of this type is recorded in video lectures.

Advantages of Online Teaching Jobs From Home in India:

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  1. Schedule and Location Flexibility- An instructor can decide to teach whenever he/she finds it suitable. Particularly for working experts and homemakers, Online Teaching is a boon, where classes can be taken in the evenings or on weekends. There is no wastage of time, dissimilar to the conventional classroom study showing where an instructor needs to make a trip all the way to a coaching place/institute for taking classes. Likewise, the teacher can instruct from anyplace, independent of the area where the students reside. This implies that educators and students from various locations can interface together through Online Teaching.
  2. Unmatched Convenience-  Internet instruction does not require any voyaging overhead. An instructor can teach right while sitting at his/her home. Web-based tutoring could in this manner be seen as a work from home opportunity with adaptable schedules.
  3. More opportunities for teaching-  A training medium with no time and area constraints clearly makes ready fundamentally more open doors for the educators, in contrast to the customary classroom instruction. Tutoring through an online medium gives the educator capacity to associate with students situated in different geological areas, with no traveling overhead. This furnishes instructors with relatively more opportunities to educate.
  4. Administration-  Web-based instructing additionally helps in a superior administration. One can unmistakably envision the authoritative difficulties a teacher faces in a customary classroom than while instructing on the web. Unlike study hall education, an educator does not need to monitor different students. This reduction in the administrative overhead while improving the focus and performance of an educator.
  5. Optimum Organization- Another significant advantage of training on the internet is that everything is efficient, maintaining a strategic distance from any blunder. A dominant part of online instructors reports that online training tools have expanded their general proficiency. This is on the grounds that they are ready to arrange the courses better and are likewise ready to automate certain exercises like occasional tests, quizzes, scoring, grading, and so on.
  6. Diverse Experiences- The online medium of instructing gives an educator a chance and experience to associate with students from various backgrounds, disciplines, and societies. Internet education would thus be able to take the teaching experience from a local level to the national level and significantly further to a worldwide level.
  7. Easy sharing of information-  It is evident that any study resource or information in computerized format is very easy to be accessed and shared. While teaching on the web, one can take help from computerized libraries, web crawlers, and furthermore online life channels for searching, accessing, and sharing assets and data.
  8. Engagement Rate-  Online educators report that web-based teaching consolidates greater commitment between the student and the instructor. In contrast to the communication in a classroom of various students, an online medium furnishes them with all the more close one-on-one meetings. Additionally, the timid and non-participative students, who are not comfortable with taking interest in classroom conversations, are clearly bound to take an interest in an online class.
  9. Increased Learning of the Students-  Online instructors frequently report that students, as a rule, perform better, and furthermore show more support in conversations during an online course. As indicated by an ongoing review directed on a gathering of online educators, 90% of them have announced that teaching on the internet causes them to remain increasingly associated with the students and furthermore enables them to have better comprehension about each student.
  10. Professional Satisfaction-  Given all the prime pros of web-based tutoring like adaptability, comfort, ease of access and sharing, and so on, an online instructor is professionally satisfied. Since online training has brought a revolution in the instruction business, being a small part of it could be an extraordinary advantage to every instructor.
  11. Freedom to teach and instruct apart from the curriculum-  A teacher has the freedom to teach more courses than prescribed in general and he/she is under no compulsion to follow the prescribed curriculum. The tutor can take the liberty and the instructional style depends on his/her choice unless there is no violation of basic rules and regulations.

Obstacles faced during Online Teaching Jobs from home in India:

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  1. Lack of Personal Touch- Online teaching has been a hot topic of discussion. But as there are 2 sides to a coin, the perks of online instruction are accompanied by some disadvantages as well. The personal touch is an important aspect that highlights you and your work, and this trait becomes more important in jobs where interacting with an audience is the key task. Teaching from home online seems to lack the personal touch that you would experience otherwise while interacting with a live crowd. Especially, for asynchronous teaching, where recorded lectures and off-time sharing of answers are done, there is practically no personal interaction and hence there is no personal touch.
  2. Time Demand-  Despite the fact that it may appear that online instruction would take less time than a class you’re truly present for, Sean Chamberlin, in the article “Ten Disadvantages of Online Courses,” composed for Montgomery College, calls attention to that all comments, question, and tasks are written in an online course, which regularly takes longer than basic inquiries inside a classroom setting. Text-based correspondence is characteristically more slow than spoken correspondence.
  3. Instructor Access- In online teaching jobs from home in India, teachers are accessible by means of email, however, they cannot be accessed directly during office hours. This can make it challenging if a student runs into questions and needs direction and especially complex guidance that is best-conducted face to face. What’s more, is that messages can now and then be lost or missed, so a few inquiries probably would not get replied to.
  4. Peer Interaction-  Your connection with peers is significantly decreased in an online learning network. Generally, students complete online classes alone, non concurrently, and any peer communication occurs on conversation sheets and in talk rooms. Frequently, online classrooms can lack a sense of community and lead to a sentiment of seclusion. They likewise decrease the chance to coordinate with others, which can be a burden as students finish school and start to search for new work openings.
  5. Technological Issues-  Since online classes are done totally through the computer system and its associated tools, technological issues can happen that make it hard to finish classes at the scheduled time. Students must-have present-day PCs to run online classroom systems and schools often require Microsoft Word and other expensive programs. Likewise, when there are technological issues, it can be difficult to get access to the classroom or get live assistance, which can be a significant burden when deadline times show up.

So, these were the pros and cons of online teaching jobs from home in India. The perks and obstacles can vary from country to country, state to state, region to region, and person to person. Talking about India, the major problem that Online teaching faces are networking and technical issues. Due to the absence of internet connectivity in every household, it becomes rather difficult for both the students and the teachers to take advantage of the online resources and tools available. Hence, online education is still not fully flourished in India. This can be sorted with some Government initiatives as well as by spreading awareness amongst the masses. Moreover, students need to be more participative and involved in online learning as they are in-classroom courses.

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