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10 Daily Ways to Earn Money for Housewives in India 


Motherhood has taken a new meaning in the 21st century. It was in the past that women were expected to complete the chores and keep the house fires burning while the husband goes out and earns the bread. With the turn of the century, this image was heavily challenged and we now see an explosion of women in the workforce, some have even managed to secure the highest executive posts within some of the biggest companies.  


However, this change doesn’t mean that all women must now go out and look for a job. The change relied on the fact that women must have the choice to decide for themselves what they choose to do. While there are many who want to make a living for themselves, some housewives are just keen on making some money and doing work that is outside and different from the usual home chores.  


If you are one of those and are looking for how to earn money at home for housewife in India, I have compiled a list of the top trending work for housewife to earn money.  


1. Build and sell handmade products  

work for housewife to earn money

The beauty of handmade products is understood well by every Indian. Whenever one takes a trip to Rajasthan or other famous cultural places in India, they are sure to bring a memento from that place that is always made by a local artisan.  


And this task is easy. If you are skilled in a particular art form, you can begin working on it. For painters, you can paint on canvases, or even on small posters which can be used as wall paintings. However, for those who do not have a particular art background, it is never too late to explore your options. My mother found her calling in quilling, a paper art form, at the age of 50! So, you can always start to look for options about what you can do.  


The final step in this work for housewife to earn money is selling these products. Thanks to the internet, this is easier than ever. Sites like Amazon and Etsy allow anyone to put up their products for sale. All you have to do is popularise your art through social media posts and you’re ready to launch your own career.  


2. Start a YouTube channel  

This is one of the best ways to earn money from home for housewives along with getting fame and recognition. YouTube as a platform is massive and everyday hundreds of hours of content is being viewed.  


YouTube channels are similar to blogging for the fact that you can upload any type of content. If you want to give online dance tutorials or just teach some fun and easy cooking recipes, YouTube is the platform for you!  


3. Digital Marketing  

Digital marketing is another one of the great work for housewife to earn money. The backdrop is that as more and more consumers are heading to internet based services and increasingly using the internet, brands have understood this shift and have begun broadcasting their advertisements online. Digital marketing is just the management of these advertisements while reporting back its success rates.  


And the best part about digital marketing is that this work for housewife to earn money doesn’t require a four year college degree anymore. There are many online courses, like Google Digital Unlocked, that help you learn the basics of this work and enable you to earn money from home.  


4. Sell home cooked food  

earn money from home for housewives 

Who doesn’t like ‘ghar ka khaana’. I remember when I was in my college hostel, I would count down the days to get back home and have my mother’s deliciously cooked rajma chawal. And there are countless other people like me who would desperately wait for home cooked food as they are away from their homes. This leads to a big market that you as a housewife can tap into.  


The best way to begin is by approaching a society that hosts PG accommodation college students. Start by delivering them hot home cooked food and thereafter expand into other areas.  


5. Take tuitions  

Mothers are always one of the best and most thorough teachers. They not only teach children about life but also spend countless hours with their children on helping them with their homework. Thus, as a housewife, you begin to revise all the subject matter you studied in school and therefore you can think of expanding these services to help other children who face problems with their school tasks.  


And these days the tuition market is booming. On average, a tutor receives anywhere from 700-1500 rupees everyday per child. So imagine, even if you start teaching just 5 children, that would earn anywhere from 4000-8000 rupees everyday. Therefore, home tutions have always been one of the best means to earn money from home for housewives.  


One can even set up their own online tutoring classes. With the abundance of platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, the ease of conducting online tutoring classes has seen a ready acceptance by all age groups.  


6. Become a travel agent  

Booking travel arrangements is always a nightmare for families. But this creates a huge market for travel agents and planners. This work is one of the most underrated ways to earn money from home for housewives because this task is easier than it seems.  

With the online revolution, making travel arrangements now happen with just a click of a button, however, families don’t want to do this extra work as they are already busy planning other parts of the vacation, so they generally hand it over to travel agents. This work for housewife to earn money requires minimal effort and gives out maximum profits.  


7. Start a blog  

Blogging is rising to become a very popular platform to earn money from home for housewives. The benefits of this type of work for housewife to earn money is that you can write about almost anything you have knowledge about. In Blogging, you are the boss and you make all the decisions.  


When I recommend blogging as work for housewife to earn money, I always tell them that they should invest some time in learning about Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. In brief, SEO is the way that content on different websites is modified according to the search queries by the different users of the internet. So for example, if you want to write about ‘How to make hair colour dye at home’, you must first look at the different keywords that people use while searching for this topic, or any other similar topic about hair colours. The more you understand this technology tool, the better chances you have of ranking higher in the search results of Google.  


8. Start a home based parlour  

The makeup and beauty market is huge. Every year, millions of women make it almost a weekly habit to walk into a parlour to have their touch ups. But what if I can tell you that there is a way to earn money from home for housewives and tapping into this big market.  


The answer is start a home based parlour. Your first customers will most likely be the friends and family that live around you. However, as and when they begin to broadcast the tremendous service you provide, your home based parlour is surely likely to take off and reach big heights.  

9. Online surveys  

Though this simply a work for housewife to earn money and not a job opportunity like the other activities mentioned in this article, this is still a good way to earn money from home for housewives.  


The process is very simple. You have to log on to different websites that offer basic tasks like filling online surveys, watching entertaining videos, or signing up for newsletters. Though the payout for these individual tasks is very nominal, but, because they are so easy and take very less time, you can do them from the comfort of your couch. Every hour, you can log on to these websites to complete these surveys.  


The most trusted websites that offer tasks like online surveys and help earn money from home for housewives are:  

  1. SwagBucks  
  2. Survey Junkie  
  3. ZenSurveys 


10. Lifestyle consultant  

how to earn money at home for housewife in india

Housewives and mothers generally know more about how to manage life than anyone. Since they are responsible for bringing up their children, they have an innate understanding of the different choices one needs to make in their lifestyle to reek the most benefits.  


What if I tell you that you can earn lots of money just by using this natural gift you have. Recently, there has been a boom in the lifestyle consultant market as more and more people are looking for ways to live a healthier and a more satisfied life.  



All in all, with the digital revolution, there are now immense possibilities for housewives to make enough money while sitting at home. Even new mothers, who have to be there for their sons and daughters, can now look at the different job opportunities that allow them to earn money from home.