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How to Shape Your Career in Chemistry with Degree?


So, you just got your chemistry degree and you are looking to make a career in the Chemistry field, wondering what to do next. Well, don’t worry, as I have come for your rescue. Just remember that getting a degree in chemistry gives you immense options and that too in a whole range of industries as this is one subject which will give one both flexibility in your academics as well as the versatility one needs in order to pursue a wide range estimated jobs and careers.
I will be listing down some options from which you can choose and decide the best career in chemistry which field will be good for you.


1. Career in research

As a chemistry graduate, you have a lot of scopes to use your knowledge in many research sectors, which would include roles within chemical engineering, healthcare, etc. These types of careers are more diverse as nowadays there are many reasons to conduct research in possible environments. You can even research while you are still pursuing your studies in universities.
Some examples of the diverse research which has been done by researchers include discovering new medicines, vaccines, forensic analysis for criminal cases, understanding environmental issues, and understanding about it.


2. Career in chemical engineering

Chemical engineers work in many sectors including that of oil, gas, water treatment plants, plastics, pharmaceuticals, food, and drinks. And every process is different for every sector. While researchers are quite common in this field but the chemical engineers are required to carry out tasks like the creation and development of new chemical techniques, combining other advanced and emerging scientific areas such as nanotechnology or biomedical engineering.


3. Career in healthcare

As a chemist, you will be required to work in laboratories and especially help with the patient investigation. Your tasks will include, aiding in the investigation, diagnosis, and treatment of various diseases.
Although some roles do require clinical expertise, many scientific roles in the healthcare sector will require scientists to liaise with the clinicians.


4. Career in pharmaceuticals

msc in chemistry scope

This sector is very huge on its own, which offers a large employment market. As day by day the demand for new drugs, pharmaceutical chemists are growing.
Medicinal chemists who focus on researching and developing new, cost-effective drugs for the market, whereas analytical pharmaceutical chemists who focus more on the testing and chemical analysis of new drugs, ensuring each product is suitable for public consumption and is in accordance with governmental regulations.
A bachelor’s degree in chemistry will open many doors for you in this field, but a master’s or even PhD in a related specialization may also stand you in good stead for particularly high-level research roles.


5. Career in the public sector

Researchers who are in state-led initiatives, there they are growing a number of government-funded careers in chemistry within areas such as law, policy, defense, public health, and the environment.
Forensic careers are growing, particularly as the techniques used within forensic research continue to undergo rapid development. This particular is not only about collecting evidence; forensic experts may also be called upon to discuss findings in court, and chemical experts are needed to run analysis on existing policies in order to ensure they’re up to date with scientific developments.
There are many options too which include-
Agricultural and food science technicians
There are many different areas where technicians can work in such as- many works with animals bred for consumption; here the technician finds ways to improve the health of cows, chickens, turkeys, pigs, and many other types of animals. While others work primarily with crops with the goal not just to improve the yield but also the quality of the plant. This job is projected to grow 6 percent from 2018 to 2028 as quoted by US Bureau of Labour Statistics.
Agricultural and food scientists

chemistry related jobs

This is the job where scientists carry out experiments and analyzing data about crops and food production methodology. Here the scientists also use their findings to innovate new ways to increase agricultural output or improve the quality of the food supply. Sometimes this job can require one to travel to farms in order to obtain samples. It is predicted that the job demand for agricultural and food scientists is expected to grow by 9% in the next 10 years. As the population will increase, higher demand for food production. Most of the growth will occur in the private sector.
Other jobs include-
• Anthropologists and Archeologists
• Biochemists and Biophysicists
• Economists
• Forensic science technicians
• Forest and conservation technicians
• Hydrologists
• Geoscientists
• Medical scientists
• Nuclear technicians

These are some of the options which are available for you to choose and pursue your career after you have a degree in chemistry.


What if you have an M. Sc. degree in chemistry and you are probably looking for job options. Well, then I have got your back.

With an M. Sc. degree in chemistry, one gets to learn the various aspects of chemistry such as nanomaterials, analytical chemistry, spectrometry, etc. Students also study natural resources, environmental contamination, risk management, environmental toxicology.
There are many employment areas such as government agencies, biotechnology units, chemical agencies, chemical manufacturing labs, oil industry, heavy chemicals firms, petroleum sector, etc.
There are other jobs too that include
• Analytical chemist- who examine substances to determine their composition. Their skills are also used in the field of environmental chemistry to further detect chemical pollutants present in the environment. The average annual salary of this job ranges from 2-3 LPA.
• Clinical research associate- it collects and organizes data that is obtained during studies and trials conducted in this field such as analytical and physical chemistry. The average annual salary of this job ranges from 3-4 LPA
• Research scientist- here the job of the scientist is to discover new methodology for enhancing the chemical processes for either the betterment of health or for the increasing industrial productivity. The average annual salary of this job ranges from 5-6 LPA
• Biomedical scientist- they carry out experiments on various samples of body fluids and tissues to help develop solutions to threatening diseases. The average annual salary of this job ranges from 2-4 LPA
• Lab supervisor- they collect samples, study and perform tests on body fluids, teeth, chemical compounds, and other fields of science. Here the lab technicians use various different types of machinery, lab equipment, complex computer programs to carry out their tests.
• With an M. Sc. degree in chemistry one can easily find freelancing jobs by going to various sites that provide jobs for freelance workers.
• Teaching children online is also a very nice job as by the end of the day you are contributing to the future of the country.
• Last but not least, you can also become a subject matter expert by signing up at Chegg as they give a very nice opportunity where one needs to answer various questions related to the subject they are expert in.

The jobs mentioned above are some of the most promising ones and will definitely help you to move forward and help you in becoming successful.