Voice of an EA – Pavan Tumula

  Q. How were you introduced to Chegg? I started my journey with Chegg on 12th April 2016 and am currently working on two subjects – Accounting and Finance. Q. What would you consider to be your achievement in Chegg? I have solved more than 4,100 questions so far and have maintained an overall CF […]

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Voice of an EA – Nirmal Sharma

Nirmal Sharma – Computer Science Engineering Q. Tell us something about yourself and your tryst with Chegg. An IT professional, I began my journey with Chegg in October 2016. I was working in a small-scale firm based in Pune when I got a mail from Naukri Portal to join Chegg. After exploring about Chegg, online, […]

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Voice of an EA – Nagesh

  Q. How did your journey begin with Chegg? I started my journey with Chegg on 6th February 2018 and am currently answering questions related to Operations Management on the Chegg Question and Answer Board. I got to know about Chegg from an online job portal. The role of the Expert Answerer is truly enticing. […]

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