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What to do after pursuing Bsc Mathematics- Courses and Career options
October 28, 2020
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October 28, 2020

Which course is better- B.Sc mathematics or B.Sc Statistics- Eligibility | Scope | Jobs


Education enlightens one’s mind and enables a person to do wondrous task. One should always focus positively towards gaining knowledge in the initial years of higher Statistics or Mathematics- a question on everyone’s mind. The time of choosing the stream for higher education is the time when you can make it or break it. The initial higher education has the power to build your basics and then construct and define your future. Lucrative job offers awaits if you make a correct choice regarding higher education.

Students who are good at numbers and want to learn about the root cause of derivatives or theorems & have logical and reasoning skills can opt for B.Sc in Mathematics or B.Sc Statistics. Many students might get confused while choosing between the courses stated above as they seem to be very similar, but in actual they are very different at their core. So, one should thoroughly gain knowledge about each prospect i.e. eligibility criteria, scope & career options. Continue reading further for distinguishing between both the courses.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics mathematics

BSc Mathematics is one of the best courses which help you to excel in the field of mathematics. It is an undergraduate degree of 3 years offered by various colleges and universities. This course is basically divided into 6 semesters or yearly basis. This program includes subjects that describe the root of mathematics and logic behind core mathematical concepts. The subjects which students learn during the period of 3 years are Calculus, Abstract Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Differential Equation, Real Analysis, Linear Programming & its application, Analytical Solid Geometry, Mechanics,  Linear Algebra, Complex Analysis, Numerical Analysis and Probability & Statistics.

Eligibility for B.Sc. Mathematics

The minimum requirement for this course is that student should have qualified 10+2 with PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) stream from any recognized board of the country.

Admission procedure

The admission criteria for B.Sc.-Mathematics differ from college to college.

  • Some of the colleges admit student on the basis of merit as good marks reflect the meticulous nature of a student and his ability to study & excel in hard subjects. Every college has its own merit and reservation criteria for (Gen/ OBC/ SC/ST) students.
  • On the other hand, some colleges take the entrance exam for applying candidates. Those students who pass the entrance exam as per the cut off released has to appear for other rounds such as Group discussion, Case study or Personal interview. After clearing all the rounds, they are selected for the respective course. They check the overall personal and mental abilities of the student.

Below listed are the TOP colleges for B.Sc Mathematics or B.Sc Statistics are

  • Loyola College, Chennai
  • Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • Madras Christian College, Chennai
  • Stella Maris College, Chennai
  • Ramjas College, New Delhi
  • Fergusson College, Pune
  • Hans raj College, New Delhi
  • Presidency College, Chennai
  • Miranda House, New Delhi


After completion of this course, one can move towards jobs or higher education like Master of Science (M.SC.), Master of Business Administration (MBA), Actuarial Sciences, Master of Computer Application (MCA), and Master of Science in Mathematics to get advance knowledge and productivity after doing B.SC. Mathematics, one should definitely go for masters. Mathematics graduates are always on top priorities as they can employ in various fields such as Finance, Banking & Insurance, Risk Management, Military & Intelligence, Research, IT sector.

Jobs mathematics jobs

After graduation, one should be ready to implement the skill & knowledge that they have gained throughout the years of higher education. Expertise brings a plethora of monetary benefits for an individual. If one is passionate & skilled, then he can easily earn money. The average salary of B.Sc.-graduate lies between 4-6 Lacs.  There are a vast number of profiles they one can get into which are discussed as below-

  • Data Analyst – The role of a data analyst is high in demand as they can benefit every industry. A data analyst collects process & performs analysis of data. The main task is to solve problems on the basis of processed data.
  • Research Mathematicians – The work of research mathematician is to provide solutions to the business firms by understanding the deep and complicated concept during the research. They also do research to know the derivative & logic behind the theorems & applied concepts of math. They are employed in colleges & universities, private & government research laboratories, manufacturing companies.
  • Cryptanalyst – All of our crucial data like online banking, debit & credit card details, emails are kept secured by a cryptanalyst. A cryptanalyst being mathematical experts creates mathematical aspects such as algorithms & codes to protect the data from cyber hackers. These are employed in the field of banking & insurance sector, finance institution, government sectors, telecommunication firms, consulting & engineering firms, etc.
  • Managed Network Expert – Chegg provides an opportunity for the people with their domain expertise to work as a managed network expert or a Chegg tutor to help foreign students with their assignments or solve their problems. They are compensated with very good pay for each task. You can apply here.
  • Actuarial Analyst – An actuarial analyst plays an important role in the success of the business. The various companies that recruit actuarial analysts are government, public and private banks, insurance companies, hospitals, investment & consulting firms. Their work involves the application of mathematical & statistical tools, economy study, and analysis to minimize the risk involved in any business.

There are many other roles where a B.Sc Mathematics or B.Sc Statistics graduate can be employed depending upon his area of work interest.

Top Recruiting Companies

Some of the top Multi-National Companies (MNC’S) which employees B.Sc Statistics and Mathematics graduates are Google, Samsung, Ernst & Young, Qualcomm, Edward Jones, TCS Innovation Lab, Weizmann  Institute, LG, Takshashila Consulting, Videocon etc.

B.Sc Statistics

Students having an interest in playing with the numbers, collecting data and sampling it to derive conclusions out of it for any specific purpose related to the study of the demographics of a particular region or the financial reports of a firm, should definitely go for B.Sc Statistics.

Eligibility for B.Sc Statistics

For getting admission into B.Sc Statistics one has to complete 10+2 with subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with at least 50% Marks from a recognized board of the country.

Admission Procedure

Each institution has its own protocol for admission of students on the basis of Merit or Entrance exam.

  • Merit- Many colleges believe that the marks are the reflection of one’s hard work and dedication so they release merit and those with a percentage higher or equal to the merit can apply for the program. Some colleges also provide merit-based scholarships throughout the program of Statistics
  • Entrance Exam Prestigious colleges have an ideology of taking entrance exam of the students such that the students match the academic and social standards of the institution. The entrance exam involves a pen and paper test or online test, students who cross the first level of the test are then selected on the basis of Personal Interview or Group Discussion which is the second level of the entrance test. Few institutions award a scholarship to the top rankers of the entrance tests for the course of B.Sc Statistics

Subjects of B.Sc Statistics

B.Sc Statistics stream deals with data and numbers, connecting various figures with their probabilities and analysis and demonstrating data. It is a three-year course divided on a semester basis (2 semesters each year) or yearly basis depending upon the college.

B.Sc Statistics subjects fluctuate from college to college, but the mainstream course concepts stay the same in nearly all the colleges.

Core subjects in this stream are-

  • Demoivre’s theorem
  • Equations theories, Fundamental theorem of algebra and its consequences.
  • Inequalities
  • Differential Calculus
  • Review of Differential Equations
  • Review of integration and definite integrals
  • Statistical Methods
  • Measures of location (or central tendency) and dispersion
  • Probability Theory
  • Random Variables
  • The expectation of a random variable and its properties
  • Index Numbers
  • Demand Analysis
  • Utility and Production Functions
  • Mathematical Finance
  • Time Series
  • Sample Surveys
  • Basic sampling methods
  • Stratified random sampling
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Numerical integration
  • Inverse interpolation
  • General Linear models

Scope of B.Sc Statistics

Graduates in B.Sc Statistics have the zeal to get a decent job right after their studies are completed so this stream of Bachelors of Science in statistics fulfils this by providing a plethora of career options.

The primary recruiting areas are Banks, Financial institutions, Educational institutions, Research and development firms, insurance as well as trading companies.

Job profiles for B.Sc Statistics graduates are

  • Financial Analysts- Graduates who love to work on the figures and process them to build a strong report regarding the profits and loss of the company can Work in the accounting department of a firm.
  • Subject Matter Experts – Students with a degree in B.Sc Statistics with high expertise and depth knowledge about the core concepts can Work with companies like Chegg to help students study.

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  • Data Analysts- Students of B.Sc Statistics interested in handling large sums of data and sampling and analyzing them to derive insightful information Can work for preparing data for the execution of tasks in a company.
  • Financial Accountants- Perform accounting and financial activities for the company and help to take an informed decision regarding the assets and liabilities of any company.
  • Broking Analysts- Graduates can offer beneficial information to the stockbrokers as well as the fund managers and stock market traders regarding their investments and how they can be assured of returns after a small span of time.
  • Credit Control Executives- The people in this profile decide the competency of creditor’s eligibility for taking a loan and also checks the debts of current customers.

Everyone has a dream of working with a renowned organization or a blue-chip company and this stream can definitely land you to promising careers with job in a company like- Federal bank, Cognizant, IBM, UBS, Infosys, Wipro, Deloitte, HDFC Bank and Google.


After going through the above facts and vital figures we can now come to a conclusion that either subject B.Sc Mathematics or B.Sc Statistics have equally ample amount of benefitting aspects. It totally depends on the individual how much interest one has in the chosen stream and zeal to implement the plethora of knowledge gained during the initial years of higher education. Both the streams educate about the core subjects aligned with the practical usage in the real world scenarios so that the students could be highly productive after gaining the degree and are ready to be a professional.

B.Sc Statistics should be chosen by those who are keen to learn probability and permutations, with statistics students can play with numbers and also be part of the ever-growing data science field.

Whereas B.Sc Mathematics should be chosen by those who are curious about the root of the mathematical problems and finding patterns amongst numbers to draw conclusions leading them to lucrative careers like crypto analysts and military intelligence.

Choosing streams for higher education and excelling it is all about passion and zeal towards the core concepts of any subject because it’s rightly said that “Passion driven minds create history”.

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