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Tips to face an interview and get a job- Do’s and Don’ts  


Facing an interview! The nervous jitters, the butterflies in your stomach, the panic of an odd ball question, and the hope for it to go smoothly. Though you rejoice over the fact that your CV has been selected and are being called in for an interview, the tensions just rise as the day approaches on how to face the interview. These are common emotions all of us experience when we are preparing ourselves for facing an interview.  

However, before you begin to prepare for the interview, you must pause for a moment and be proud of yourself. You have managed to attract the attention of your potential company on the basis of your merit and your skills. This is one of the hardest hurdles to pass and you have passed it with flying colours. So, take a minute and be proud of this feat.  

But now comes the final leg of the race. As they say, the final bend is the most important part of the race. You can see the finish line, all you have to do is give it your best. And that is exactly what you should do while facing an interview.  

People are always nervous about going in and facing an interview. They become intimidated by the interviewer and start to panic. In this panic, they lose their true essence and become rigid and stiff. But, now that you’ve come to this article, I will try and surmise the best tips for facing interviews that will prepare you for your upcoming interview.  


Tip 1: Be yourself  

Like I said above that while facing an interview, many people start to panic and become a different person – rigid and stiff. This is one of the biggest fatal flaws for an interview. You have to be confident in yourself. That is why I told you to pause and celebrate the feat that you reached the interview round.  

And this confidence is not just for yourself. When you are confident about your skills and experience, it shows off in your personality. And an interview is nothing more than a personality test. The interviewer already knows about your skills from your CV. He/She is calling you to check how you would fit in with the company. 

So you must be confident about yourself. Reflect the best and most professional parts, but be true to yourself. Remember, the interviewer is trained to see people who are faking their personality just in order to secure the job.  


Tip 2: Dress to impress  

Nothing says more about yourself than your appearance, and nothing says more about your appearance than how you dress. Dressing formally, with neatly parted hair is one of the best ways to impress the interviewers on the first look.  


For men:  

  1. Decide on your clothes at least 2 days before your interview  
  2. Keep it simple, a shirt and a pant with a well matched tie  
  3. Keep an alternative pair of clothes ready if something were to happen to your first choice 
  4. Polish your shoes the night before  
  5. A tie, matching the colour of the company, sends out a good impression and makes you seem you want to be a part of the company’s culture 


For women:  

  1. Decide on your clothes at least 2 days before your interview  
  2. Wear comfortable shoes and skip heels if they seem tough to walk in  
  3. If you decide on heels, keep the colours simple, don’t try to impress with bright shoes as the interviewer should only focus on your face and not your shoes  
  4. Dress formally, a knee length skirt with a shirt is the choice of everyone  
  5. If you decide on wearing a kurta, do not select one that has too much design and is off a strong colour. Matching it to the company colour sends sends out a good impression and makes you seem you want to be a part of the company’s culture 


Tip 3: Do a mock interview  

The best answer to ‘how to face an interview’ is to hold an interview with yourself. You can ask your family members or your friends to simulate an interviewer and have them ask you questions that can be asked on the final day.  

This activity, which should be done at least 4-5 days before the interview date, prepares you mentally for an interview environment and readies you when facing an interview.  


Tip 4: Ready your documents  

The worst impression you can make on the interviewer is if you forgot something. So have everything, your documents, CV, contact information of your interviewer and the address of the location, ready at least 2-3 days before your interview.  

Here is a checklist of the documents you must carry while facing an interview:  

  1. Copies of your resume (at Least 2)  
  2. Cards with your contact information (present if asked) 
  3. A portfolio (samples of your work)  
  4. Letters of recommendation (references) 
  5. A notepad with pen 
  6. Contact number and address of interview location  

You should carry these documents preferably in a neat black folder which is easy to open and has compartments for all of these items.  


Tip 5: Be on time  

There is a very famous story about the man who could have been Bill Gates, Gary Kildall. He was an American software engineer who had developed the first ever operating system. IBM, the biggest computer giant at that time had approached him to offer him the opportunity to have IBM computers worldwide run his software. However, when the employees of IBM reached his house, he was late and busy flying an airplane. That delay cost him millions of dollars and is regarded as one of the worst mistakes in business history.  

Therefore, time is of the essence. You must reach the interview location at least an hour in advance so that you are comfortable and can have a relaxing moment, instead of running to your interview. A calm and relaxed mind is the most important tool while facing an interview.  

Being early also allows you to experience the work environment of the company. You can pick up on little things like the way they greet others, the colour of their company, or a fascinating art piece that you can use as a talking point while facing an interview.  


During the Interview  

These next set of facing interview tips will revolve around the things you must do after you have walked into the interview room and the interview has begun.  


Tip 6: Be Present in the momen 

The biggest error people make while facing the interview is predicting what the interviewer is going to ask and then in anticipation, already try and develop an answer to that question. This is a fatal mistake.  

You must always be in the moment and have direct eye-contact with the interviewer. You must not make him/her seem that you have wandered into a different space where you are thinking about the future. While entering the room also, you must have a clear mind and not have preconceived expectations of the interview and must be mentaly present while facing an interview.  


Tip 7: Make notes  

Experienced persons, who regularly appear on TV and news channels across the world have understood the importance of making notes. Even during presidential debates in America, candidates are always taking notes of what their competitor is saying and jotting down points that they can retort with.  

This skill you must employ while facing an interview. Take notes about the things the interviewer is saying. This shows you as a person who is goal oriented and focused. However, a word of caution. Please do not just keep writing down notes. You don’t have to write down word to word what the interviewer is saying, just the important points of his/her speech. Continuously making notes may serve the opposite effect as it might show you not interested in the interview and just here for the wisdom of the interviewer.  


Tip 8: Be prepared for certain questions  

It is known widely that there are certain interview questions that are constant across and everyone has to take them while facing an interview. I will try and help you with some of the things you can say to such questions:  

Q. Why should I hire you?
A. Thank you for asking this question. I feel that I am suitably qualified for the post of _______ and will be able to bring some of the needed tools in order to effectively manage the workspace.

Q. Why did you quit your last job? 
I realized that I needed to foray into a different direction for myself and needed to grow beyond the expected requirements of my previous job. I also wanted to try something new.

Q. Tell me about yourself
A. I am a determined individual. I am a team player and try to engage all my workmates and rally them in order to complete the desired task from our team. When I am invested in a project, I will see it to fruition. Apart from my work life, I have hobbies like _______ 


Tip 9: Be professional  

Another one of the biggest mistakes people make while facing an interview is that they seem too eager for the job. Though passion and eagerness is a good thing and must be demonstrated, however, too much of it may seem off putting.  

You must remember that these companies are extremely professional and they expect you to be the same. You must not make it seem that you are dying and crying for the job like a baby. Instead you must make them believe that you will be a valuable addition to their organisation.  


Tip 10: The don’ts  

While all of the above tips are the things that you must do in order to have a successful interview, there are also certain things that you must take care of and must not do while facing an interview, and they are as follows:  


  1. Don’t be late 
  2. Don’t seem overconfident  
  3. Don’t touch your interviewer on the shoulder or go for a high-five. A firm handshake is good.  
  4. Don’t crack jokes  
  5. Don’t be afraid  
  6. Don’t worry if you are unsure of an answer. Be true and say you don’t know instead of giving a wrong answer.  
  7. Don’t look at your phone while facing an interview. Keep it in your pocket and in silent mode.  
  8. Don’t appear callous and lazy  
  9. Don’t forget your documents  
  10. Don’t dress inappropriately  


I hope this article gives you a brief understanding of the things you must do and not do while facing an interview. However, all in all, the best tip I can give you while facing an interview is to be calm. Having a clear mind is all you need to answer any question the interviewer asks. So, best of luck for your interview and be confident!