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Find out on what to do after BCA? Best options.


Students during their 11th and 12th standards find them self interested in IT and field related to computer and thus, choose to carve their careers in the field of computer only. So what to do after BCA? Let’s find out

People who want to study computer have limited option during their graduation, which is BTEC- IT or CS, BSC- IT or BCA. We have written similar content on the difference between B.Tech and BCA here

The three of them have equal values as the curriculum of the computer’s language is almost same and thus the career options after BSC, BTEC and BCA are also the same. Different universities may vary in the types of languages they put in the curriculum but most graduates learn different languages from different classes and centres beside their regular curriculum.

The graduation in computers opens a lot of great career options on what to do after BCA or you can choose to continue doing different courses to enhance your career even more.

Here is a list of what to do after BCA and the best courses after BCA that you can go for.

What to do after a degree in BCA

The jobs after BSC are related to computers only but the organization or sector that you may work in and the pay scale can vary with different jobs.

options after bca

Here is the list of types of organization that you can work in

Private companies:

India being the hub of IT graduates, there is a behemoth increase in the career options, availability of the companies and jobs that they provide to computer graduates.

Private companies like the WIPRO, INFOSYS, and TCS etc. hire in a bulk each year as their employees for the position of software developer, computer programmer, system administrator or maintenance. Great choice on what to do after BCA

Public sector:

The public sector is nothing but the government sector. The government sector gives you the ample of job opportunities after BSC in various organizations like NTPC, Steel Authority of India, BHEL or you can apply for entrance exams like SSC CGL, UPSC, banking exams etc.


Freelancing is another sector that you can work in as a program developer, software developer or app developer etc. There are plenty of companies who hire freelancers for small jobs, you can apply for them from sites like naukri.com or internshalla.com. Very viable for what to do after BCA

The career options after BSC that open up for graduates are the following:

Software developer trainee:

One of the options after BCA includes working as a software developer trainee.

A software developer trainee is a person who starts his or her career performing small tasks, he learns whatever language he is required to learn in his training period.  After getting training in computer programming or software development process they start working in the projects assigned to them.


The payscale differs from different companies.

But the average to expect is Rs 2 LPA.

E-commerce executive:

E-commerce executive is one of the most recognized career options after BCA because of the increasingly global reach of the E-commerce sector.

An E-commerce executive is the contributor to the profit-making capacity of the organization has various functions like Coaching his team for better service performance, coordinating order processing, delivery and returns of customer orders, coordinating with other teams on the execution of brand, marketing and e-commerce activities and identifying strategic business partnerships and profit-building plans.


The pay scale of an E-commerce executive can vary with the experience and the type of sector and organization but a fresher can expect an average of Rs 2.5 LPA.

Technical analyst:

A technical analyst is a person who evaluates investments and recognizes trading opportunities after they are done analyzing and observing the data from statistical trends.

After analyzing all the business requirements and suggesting proper applications and technology to be followed according to the requirements is the work of a technical analyst.

They administer all the IT systems, train all the new employees about the IT procedures, improve efficiency by reducing costs of the organization, assist and monitor the new additions and instalments of the new IT systems.

The only requirement for being a technical analyst is a degree in IT like BSC, some experience which you can gain from internships and workshops etc during your graduation and you are going to go

The technical analyst is one of the best career options after BSC due to its pay scale.


The average pay scale of the technical analyst is Rs 7 LPA. Good money and choice for what to do after BCA

Technical Administrator:

The career options after BSC includes working as a technical administrator if you do not have any work experience to apply for a technical analyst.

A technical administrator is a person who assists a technical analyst whom I mentioned above. They support the Technical Analyst in research and analysis of the IT requirements and needs of the clients, support the Technical analyst in the implementation of new business IT plans, contributes to the smooth running of the technical administrative staff and assist in preparing paperwork for client meetings, in planning and product research.


The average pay scale of a technical administrator in India is Rs 2.7 LPA.

Technical Support:

A technical support officer is a person who oversees and maintains their computer hardware and software systems, acts as a front person of the point of contact to all the technical issues and he helps in resolving customers’ technical issues and grievances attend personalize meeting with the customer to analyze and diagnose hardware problems etc.

Anybody who is a people person and is good with organizing and communicational skills, comfortable with working and assisting with customers’ issues, holds a degree in IT or CS etc should give this career option after BSC a serious thought.


The average pay scale of a technical support person is Rs 3 LPA.

Bank operations:

Job career options after BSC include working in a bank also. Bank operation is a very wide term which can include ample of jobs and responsibilities in both public and private sector.

Due to transformation of pare services of a bank to a digitalization of services in banks, there is wide range of jobs for a computer graduate in banks, for example, technical administration, technical operations executive and technical operation manager etc.


You can opt for the option of teaching also. A stable job which does not just pay you fairly but also broadens your subject and knowledge. It ensures flexibility in the schedules, gives you the comfort of working in a safe environment.

With the growing popularity, accessibility of the internet, the danger of a pandemic, online teaching jobs is on high demand. But where can you find such jobs?

Chegg is an online learning platform that acts as a bridge between the students and teachers. It provides hundreds of students the knowledge beyond the classrooms. Chegg hires experts for multiple subjects including accountancy. “Experts” are the teachers who provide solutions to the students’ questions from all over the world.

It helps students with their problems and teacher with their global insight and reach to students.

How do get yourself registered as an Expert in Chegg India?

  • Get yourself registered
  • Take a subject test
  • Adhere to the guidelines
  • Take a guidelines test
  • Upload your documents for document verification.

options after bca

And that’s all.

After becoming an expert you will be paid according to the questions that you have correctly answered.

You can go and check out their online site on the link below:

chegg Jobs

If you want to enhance your career then I suggest you to pursue some of the best courses after BCA and what to do after BCA.

Courses after BCA

MCA- masters in Computer Administration:

MCA is a three-year professional degree for those who want to dig deeper into the world of the computer. MCA allows you to know more about the modern computer application. It provides you with both the theoretical and practical knowledge.

Students who pursue MCA have to choose from various subject specializations which are internet, MIS, hardware technology and application software etc.

The eligibility criterion for MCA is a graduation degree in computers like BCA, with marks above 50%.

The top recruiters after MCA in India are Infosys, TCS, Wipro, HCL and IBM etc

MBA- Masters in Business Administration:

MBA and MCA are not just the courses that most of the students go after but also the best courses after BCA that a student can choose. A great option on what to do after BCA.

Masters in business administration is chosen by students who want to expand their horizons in the field of commerce as well. MBA includes specialization in Human resource, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Agricultural and Rural management etc.

There are several exams that you can choose to give to complete the eligibility criteria (which is a graduation degree with minimum 50% marks) and exams like CAT, SNAP, MAT, TISSMAT etc.

The best b schools in India provides you placements in leading companies and banks like TATA, RELIANCE, HDFC etc.

Masters Degree in Information Management (MIM):

MIM is a degree program which is designed to provide knowledge in strategic information managementbusiness administrationinformation architecture, information systemsinformation designcomputer sciences, policy, ethics, and project management.

The MIM degree resembles with other degrees but the difference between it and Master of Science in Information System Management, Master of Information System Management, Master of Information Systems is that the later focus on subjects like computer scienceinformation technologyinformation science or telecommunications.

Masters degree in computer management:

It is a two-year full-time degree which enables you to understand the ongoing, upcoming and changing culture of IT. While this program you will study subjects like software programming, e-commerce fundamentals, database applications, business applications, software project management and others.

Being one of the best courses after BCA, MCM enables the students who want to make their careers in the field of IT and CS.

MSC in IT:

If you want to be a software developer or a programmer but also want to delve deeper into the theoretical as well as practical knowledge, then BSC in IT is one of the best courses after BCA.

It is a two-year program which aims at more knowledge in subjects like software development, data mining, computer systems and analytics, object-oriented programming (OOP) and OS etc.

The top recruiters of MSC IT are Deloitte, Wipro, Goldman Sachs, Cognizant Tech Mahindra, TCS, Airtel and Vivo.

  • In this article, I explained to you a wide variety of career options after BSC and the best courses after BSC that you can go for.
  • So if you are highly interested in subjects related to the field of computer and want to make or enhance your career in this field only then you should give this article a good read.

India is a growing hub of the IT sector so there are ample of opportunities waiting for you, so, you just have to be willing to work hard to get it.

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