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October 30, 2020
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October 30, 2020

Career in Accounting and Finance – All you need to know.


Looking for a career in Accounting and Finance?

Well, this might help you understand if it’s the right career choice for you or not. A career in accounting suits individuals with analytical thinking, spreadsheet proficiency and good organizational and teamwork capabilities. Today the industry promises a bright future to millions of people interested in this field and some really good jobs in accounting and finance. People with aptitude can really go on to make a bright future for themselves with adding the knowledge of different accountancy systems into their credit. Well, accountancy is a field which gets better with practice as you chalk out your own simplified methods to show real-life problems that relate to bucks!

So here in this article, we will discuss about the career in accounting and finance – all you need to know!

There are so many different positions you can find in the accounting field. So apparently there isn’t a dearth of career options in accounting and finance if you are interested in accounting. Careers in accounting can range from entry-level positions to executive level solely depending on your volume of knowledge and expertise. It is essential to choose the accounting career you want to pursue and complete the necessary qualifications for it, so that you earn the salary you desire and do the kind of work that aligns with your interest and time requirements.

Education for those interested in accounting 


Associates Degree

An associate degree in accounting is a two-year degree that can help students start their careers in accounting and it is offered by community colleges, technical colleges, universities, and also through various online programs. An associate degree can provide foundational knowledge to students to pursue entry-level accounting positions. An accounting associate degree can be a step towards completing a higher degree such as a bachelors or masters in accountancy. Graduates with an Associate Degree in accounting who pursue job opportunities after finishing their degree may find positions such as payroll clerks, accounting assistants, and bookkeepers. This is the first step towards building a career in accounting and finance.

Bachelors Degree

Bachelor’s degree in accounting is an undergraduate degree offered by colleges and universities to enable students to gain proficient knowledge in the aforementioned subject. A bachelor’s degree typically takes three years to complete, although students with an associate’s degree or transfer credits may finish their programs in less time. A bachelor’s degree in accounting is a good starting point for those interested in the accounting field. It allows you to leverage on the professional, market-ready skills required in just 3 years. Individuals with a bachelor’s degree can get jobs of an auditor, financial manager, investment banker, forensic accountant, cost estimator.

Masters Degree

Ambitious, diligent and hard-working students and professionals pursue a Masters Programme in accounting. These programmes offer specializations in areas such as financial analysis, compliance, taxation, and forensic accounting. Prospective students can choose from several types of accounting master’s programs: an MS in accounting, a master of accountancy, a master of professional accountancy or accounting, or an MBA in accounting. Demand for master’s degrees in accounting is high as the job market is becoming competitive day by day. Besides accounting professionals are looking for a credential to set them apart from the competition. Individuals who complete their master’s degree attract jobs with higher pay and growth opportunities.


A doctorate, or PhD, in accounting, is the highest degree available in the field of accountancy. Students completing a PhD in accounting program terminate specialized and original research that contributes to the growth of the overall industry. This degree usually takes four to seven years to complete, depending on the student’s course load and research project that they choose. A PhD degree also promises extensive career benefits to holders who can earn their desired package and opens doors to many career growth opportunities.

Career in Accounting 


An accountant job is the first job that students pursuing accounts opt for. The basic job of an accountant is to record and analyse the financial data of the clients. An accountant aims to improve the efficiency of the business through proper maintenance of books. The most common types of accountants are financial cost accountants, government accountants, public and management accountants.

Book Keeper

Bookkeepers maintain a company’s financial data by maintaining accurate books on accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and daily financial entries and reconciliations. They perform daily accounting tasks such as monthly financial reporting, general ledger entries, and record payments and adjustments. A bookkeeper maintains and balances all ledger accounts so as to avoid errors in the accounting of the business.

Budget Analyst

The demand for budget analysts is increasing drastically with the rise in competition. A large business organisation needs an efficient budget analyst to meet its growth and survival needs.  A budget analyst works to develop the organization’s budget by estimating the needs of funds, establishing sources to collect the money and using the money raised in the most efficient way.

Tax Accountant

A tax accountant helps its clients and companies to file tax returns. These accountants mainly help to interpret tax laws and analyse tax returns and refunds. They also help to prepare and complete all files accurately within the required deadline and collaborate with tax personnel on various associate issues and prepare all special projects.

Career In Finance


For many people, accounting and finance are no different. But there are a lot of differences to differentiate the two. The career opportunities are so different than each other. Let’s look at the definitional difference between the two by –

Finance is the management of money and investments for individuals, corporations, and governments. Finance professionals work in careers like investment banking, wealth management, and financial planning and analysis (FP&A). Whether these professionals work on behalf of individuals or businesses, they are responsible for ensuring that there is adequate funding (capital) for the needs of the situation and that the funds are allocated as optimally as possible. Their job is to create value by managing capital in a way that earns higher than expected risk-adjusted returns.

Accounting is the recording, maintaining, and reporting of a company’s financial records. Accounting professionals work for individuals, in-house at corporations, or on behalf of other businesses at a public accounting firm (such as the Big Four). These professionals are responsible for ensuring that all financial transactions are correctly entered into the general ledger, that account balances are correct, and that financial statements are accurate.

Before looking for jobs in finance it’s important for you to know-how who will be the employers in these fields. Yes, both finance and accounting professionals have same set of clients but the employers providing finance jobs are – Banks (Commercial, Retail as well as Investment), Insurance Companies, Research Companies and Businesses running operations. On the other hand, accountancy job providers consist – Public Accounting Firms, Personal Tax filing Firms and Business Houses.

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If you think that the finance industry can help you realize your full potential and help you find your passion. Here are some professional in the finance industry that might intrigue you-

1)Investment Banking

Investment banking is one of the most desirable professions of bachelor in finance. The role of investment bankers is to advise their clients on investments and help facilitate those investments. Investment bankers mainly act as advisors and brokers, assessing the needs of their clients and then finding the solutions to meet those needs.

2)Corporate Finance

You can get yourself a good job in finance industry even with a bachelor’s degree or some specific knowledge of the industry. But there are a few specific jobs that have high demand in the industry. These jobs include that of being a Financial Analyst, Cost Analyst, Treasury Management, Business Development. All you need to establish a good career with a problem-solving attitude, research capabilities, environmental awareness, communication network and wide networking.

3)Portfolio Management

Does the stock market intrigue you? Are you good at managing stocks and have that risk-taking drive within yourself? Then becoming a stockbroker is the right choice for you. Become a stockbroker, you have a graduate degree with at least two-year experience in a stockbroking field. You must have registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) then you are all set to become a broker. A stockbroker requires logical thinking, good communication skills, risk-taking qualities, analytical mind and most importantly a responsible attitude.

4) Public Accounting

Pursuing the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) credential is highly recommended for anyone entering the public accounting field, as it is a minimum requirement for nearly all employment opportunities and also confirms an applicant’s grip on the essential knowledge and skills of accounting. Almost similar in accounting and finance.

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So, there are a lot of options available to you if you are either an accountancy or finance enthusiast. The market welcomes both the professional with open arms with an immense amount of opportunities. All you need to figure out is to understand your field of interest and competency and then pursue further with it. Recent times have seen growth in a new field, Fintech i.e., Financial Technology. Wherein technology is used in the most dynamic format to solve real-life problems of businesses. These are relating to finance and make clients better off with the new solutions. The industry will always come up with new and better options. Thus, evolving itself to the best possible version of itself. You as an individual have to understand your needs and match them with the opportunities available as your career in accounting and finance.

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