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Best Alternate Courses and Career Options after MBBS


Every year, there are millions of students across the world who graduated from college after MBBS. However, when we look at the numbers not all of these millions of students, look for a job in the medical field after the MBBS course.

The common misconception is that there are very limited options after MBBS for students. Especially for those who had initially planned to practice and join the medical community. However, not all of them can complete their education. A combination of various factors, be it personal or financial, might hold someone back from completing their medical studies after MBBS.

If you are one such person, looking for a change in scenery but are fearful or unaware of what is the scope after MBBS or simply trying to understand what are the opportunities after MBBS, this article is just for you, dear reader.

Misconceptions about options after MBBS

As mentioned above, there are tens of thousands of students that don’t pursue a career in medicine after MBBS due to a combination of different reasons that might suspend one’s studies after MBBS. These students teach us a valuable lesson of the scope after MBBS. They disprove the most common misconception that a career after MBBS only culminates in the student becoming a doctor.

However, that is simply not the case. Students possessing the knowledge of medicine have various options after MBBS at their disposal. In fact, they are not just limited to the medical field. They can venture out into other industry and try their luck at them. As such the MBBS course is a prestigious course. After MBBS students are generally looked upon as insightful, meticulous, and dedicated.

Alternative career after MBBS

In the modern age, as millions of doctors graduate in hopes to enter the clinical field and begin their practice as a doctor, the race is quite intense. The majority of the students are fearful of entering such a competitive field, while the rest may not get a spot in their desired place.

These reasons have led some students to venture out in search of unconventional options after MBBS. This move has shown us the different industries and areas the study of MBBS and doctorate can help greatly in starting a career after MBBS from a clean slate. Below are just a few of the options after MBBS students have opted to pursue.

  1. Legal Medical Advisor

It is extremely common for special cases that reach the courts of the country to seek out a medical professional for their expertise on a particular aspect of the case. This can range from finding the cause of death to identifying the way the crime was committed (in cases of poisoning) and clear other misconceptions or false arguments presented before a court and a judge.

This career after MBBS is extremely lucrative. As more and more crimes in the modern world require a medical expert’s opinion, this is truly a viable job option after MBBS. However, one must be aware of the lengthy-time this profession might take. Court cases, legal proceedings in themselves last for months if not years and becomes extremely demanding at times.

  1. Hospital Administrator

Hospitals are organizations that employ hundreds of workers in the form of doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, among other staff. All of this is managed by someone known as a hospital administrator.

An extremely well-paying option after MBBS, many senior and experienced doctors also end their careers by entering the hospital administration industry. Their expertise, similar to that after MBBS, about the medicine and healthcare industry, helps them understand the system inside out, leading them to better manage the hospital towards its optimum efficiency.

A majority of people after MBBS look towards acquiring an MBA in Hospital Administration to provide them a better portfolio when applying for this career after MBBS. The business understanding of managing a hospital gained from these MBA courses surely help the student and provides them with a bright scope after MBBS.

  1. Teacher of Medicine

Two of the most revered professions in human history are that of a doctor and a teacher. You can imagine the respect a combination of these two professions might bring. Becoming a medical teacher within a nursing school or a professor of medicine at a prestigious university embarks you on preparing the next set of doctors for the world.

There is not much that can be said about the scope after MBBS for a teacher or a professor. Both of these professions highly depend on the institution or university you end up joining. However, despite the financial consideration, whichever path you take in the education sector, the feeling of preparing the future doctors puts the best use of your medical expertise for the greater good.


Become a Subject Matter Expert


  1. Researcher

Those who wish to opt-out from the highly competitive field of doctors and nurses around the world as a career after MBBS can indulge some of their time in researching the scope after MBBS for a medical researcher.

Every year, as more and more information, is gained through science about the different aspects of the human body and our natural surroundings, a considerable amount of the credit goes to medical researchers who identify, analyze and experiment with different treatments and discoveries for the betterment of all mankind.

One of the most sought after research areas after MBBS is that of translational research. This type of research involves a combination of research as well as clinical practice to be done by the individual, combining the best of both worlds.

Pharmaceutical research is another one of the most sought after research programs after MBBS. The scope here is immense as new discoveries about viruses that can harm the body flood scientific journals. The immediacy of preparing a drug for the prevention of mass-scale epidemics or pandemics can be greatly reduced through the constant research and testing done by pharmaceutical researchers.

  1. Write for a medical journal

As mentioned above, information about new discoveries, trials, and tests are done through the use of medical and scientific journals. The people who present their research in these medical journals are some of the most respected individuals within the medical fraternity.

Though the scope after MBBS for writing in a journal may seem bleak, many use this as a means to publish their first thesis project after spending years perfecting it. One may also need to invest in a journalism course for understanding and getting a better understanding of the practice of writing.

By entering the world of medical journalism, one can find a career after MBBS in different sectors like hospitals, government, clinical laboratories, and healthcare companies. Even pharmaceutical companies pay close attention to the papers published in these medical journals and thus can provide you with an opening that you had not expected when entering into the medical journalism world after MBBS.

  1. Public Health Worker

Public health workers are also known as public heroes. Because when crisis strikes, it is the dedication and the expertise of the public health workers that can push a country out of danger. This crisis can be in the form of a disease gone out of control, an epidemic within a country, or a global pandemic that requires hundreds of thousands of such public health workers.

These public health workers are in excessive demand in any country and also pay well for their services. Their main task is to improve the health of the general population within a country. However, their expertise is also called into action for decision making and policies that can improve the efficiency and accountability of the medical fraternity. A highly regarded profession is a great career after MBBS for students who wish to retain themselves to the roots of the practice of medicine.

  1. Sports Medicine

In recent years, the number of medical professionals entering the sporting industry has grown exponentially. As sporting events have begun to achieve larger and larger audiences and begin spreading across different cities, states, and even countries, all around the year, at least one or the other sport is currently in progress.

This excessive number of opportunities presents a stable career after MBBS and also promises interaction with world-famous athletes, plus a financial package that is a rival to almost any other medical practice you enter into. However, one must be ready for the immense traveling that might come along with this profession.

  1. Health Analytics

There are hundreds of students in India that are pushed into professions that they never intended on pursuing. Because of parental pressure, they end up completing their studies like that of a doctor and later feel lost after MBBS. They leave behind something they were really passionate about, like mathematics or technology.

For such people, a combination of math, science, and technology is available after MBBS in the field of health analytics. This profession, which has a huge scope after MBBS. It deals in the practice of using technology to improve the analysis of the healthcare of patients or hospitals as a whole.

Dealing with aspects and factors like real-time information, devices measuring vital signs. Along with this, also providing a schematic breakdown of acquisition, management and retrieval of other information about patients when desired through the use of technology and clinical guides.

  1. Get into the investment game

This may seem like the most far-fetched of the career options after MBBS, but truly if played correctly, can be the most lucrative and beneficial to the individual.

While most investment banking is done for big companies in industries like technology and manufacturing, a large chunk of investments are also made through and into the healthcare industry. This abundance of opportunities provides a great incentive for individuals who can use their knowledge after MBBS and put it to use in understanding the healthcare industry. They can give advice and valuable insights to investment bankers on where to invest next.

The scope after MBBS in the investment game is directly related to your knowledge about the industry and the valuable insights you can identify from within. These insights can be in the form of understanding the next big discovery or hinting at possible cures available to terminal diseases.

  1. Become an entrepreneur

This profession does not look at the background, just ideas that can revolutionize or provide a better alternative to an ongoing issue. You can bring in your expertise and knowledge about the healthcare industry, find the areas of improvement, and launch your own company as a solution provider.

This path is taken by a growing number of individuals, especially after MBBS. A majority of them set up consultancy firms for healthcare management while others launch their own lines of products and services. The end result is completely in your hand with this profession.

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