Chegg students need our help

The Rush Begins… The rush begins and the students need our help now. The question volume is gaining its pace and its time for you to seize the opportunity. As quality is demanded on par with quantity, put your soul and creativity in answering questions on the Chegg Q&A board. Ensure adherence to the Chegg […]

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Quality Champion

Quality always enhances our credibility. It is determined by a set of parameters – broadly classified into right content, good presentation, and clear language – that makes a solution more effective in meeting the requirements of the students. Quality Champion is shortlisted based on the Highest Positive Feedback from the students. Let’s congratulate Shailesh Bora for […]

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Voice on an EA – Pooja Sharma

   Q. How did you begin your journey with Chegg?  I was looking for a job which would provide flexible working hours and an opportunity to do work from home. Then one of my friends told me about Chegg. I cleared the test, registered and started working on the Chegg Question and Answer board as an […]

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Voice of an EA – Rahul Kundra

A motivator and a dreamer, he is an inspiration to many experts. With a ‘never-say-no’ attitude, he is a brilliant performer Q. How did you get introduced to Chegg? I started my career with Chegg in November 2016. I completed my B. Tech in computer science Engineering from IIT and there I came to know […]

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Voice of an EA – Rajesh

  Q. How did your journey begin with Chegg? I came to know about this opportunity through my roommate and colleague, who has been working as an Expert Answerer for a while. I was always baffled by my roommate’s luxurious lifestyle, we used to get compensated with the same amount of salary and yet he […]

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