Voice of an EA – Suvam Pramanik

“My best moment in Chegg was when I bought My first car with my Chegg Earnings…”



Q. How did your journey with Chegg begin?

I work for an IT company and I came to know about Chegg from my colleague. I have started answering on the Chegg Question and Answer Board from November 2017. I answer questions related to Computer Science and have answered 2,500+ questions. My aim is to provide students with the best quality answers and help them build their academic careers.


Q. Describe your experience with Chegg.

My experience with Chegg has been wonderful so far. I feel motivated every time I realize that I am sharing my knowledge with many students across the globe and helping them excel in their academics. I want to do it more and more.

We say this in Hindi – “Dil Mange More”. It means – My heart desires more of Chegg.

I have set a milestone of becoming one of the top Ten experts in Chegg by the next semester. In the upcoming semester, I will be answering difficult subject questions related to MATLAB, Assembly Language and Computer Architecture and other challenging domains.

Q. How was your experience at the meet in Bangalore?

EA meet is one of the best events I have ever attended. Most importantly, meeting our coordinators was a delight. It’s a great feeling to meet our mentors, who we converse over the phone almost daily. Chegg Q&A session, was in particular, very informative and fun as well.


Q. How has Chegg has helped you in your life?

Chegg has helped me a lot in maintaining a decent lifestyle. Answering on Chegg Q&A Board has helped me in increasing my subject knowledge in abundance. My best moment in Chegg was when I bought my first car with my Chegg Earnings. With the earnings I made in Chegg, I feel that I can invest in a lot of things and pursue my dreams.

Q. How do you make sure that you provide quality answers?

To provide the best quality answers, I make sure that the solution that I provide is readable and easily understandable to the student. I only answer the questions for which I am 100% confident and I also double check the answers before submitting. I revert to the students’ doubts through the comments.

I answer questions related to my favorite subjects in Computer science. I choose the questions for which I am sure that I will be able to finish in two hours.


Q. What is your primary motive while answering a question?

Firstly, my motive is to help the student who is in desperate need. Secondly, I always try to achieve my daily quota of questions as it keeps me motivated throughout the day.


Q. If given a chance to become a full-time employee, would you like to join Chegg? If Yes, in which profile?

I would like to be a part of Chegg Technical Team and try my best to create a world-class experience for students as well as for Experts. I really want to join Chegg’s mission of putting the student first.


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