CPL India 2018

The Chegg Premier League 2018

Cricket is a game invented by the English, and it was mastered by the Indians like no one. Cricket is the one event where all Indians come together in support of the country and we have patronized the game since ages.

Cricket comes with a bundle of emotions – love, joy, happiness, sadness, tears, laughter, anger, excitement and intrigue. The simplicity of the game has won the hearts of millions – a plank of wood, a rubber ball, and a patch of land – and any number of people could play it anywhere – in the streets or the stadiums, in the alleys or the turfs. The Indians just fell in love with this game.

India went a little further and got cues from the west and incorporated the league system in the game. America is a home of leagues and so Indians started setting up leagues – from college leagues to company leagues, from city leagues to state leagues – and finally India’s pride – The famous Indian Premiere League (IPL).  This has revolutionized the game of cricket in India.

Chegg India came up with the Chegg Premier League – a long awaited tournament for Cheggers that unleashes their sporting skills and drives them away from their monotony. Chegg India left no stone unturned to make the event sensational.

Five teams from Vizag geared up for the competition – Admin Business Team, Science Team, Math Team, Engineering Team, and Content Support Team. The captains of the teams – Suresh (Admin-Business), Vijay (Science), Subrahmanyam (Math), Gurunadh (Engineering), Srihari (Content Support) successfully led their teams from the front.

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The teams demonstrated a great character during the practice sessions to put up a spectacular show at the CPL.

When the clock struck 6 in the morning on March 17, 2018, all roads led to the pride of Vizag – the grand ACA VDCA stadium B ground. The green turf and the clear blue sky raised the curtain for the grand masti CPL 2018.

The energetic boys, in their team jerseys, displayed their enthusiasm and showcased their cricketing flairs on the field. Satyanand Masa (Manager-Admin) was at the toss to inaugurate the first match of the day.

The batsmen, bowlers, spinners, pacers, pinch-hitters, and all-rounders were in full action. The batsmen played a blazing innings with their cheeky shots, nonchalant flicks of the bat, classy drives, glorious boundaries, and lofty sixes. They were spectacular for the mates who were cheering from the dugouts.

The fielders’ blistering finesse on the field with their dives, hurls, and catches added to the gusto.

During time-outs, the players chilled themselves with energy drinks, bananas, and chewing gums. Sumptuous lunch was served for the players and the spectators as they relaxed to rejuvenate for the second innings.

After a fiery battle in the contest, two teams qualified for the finals – The Engineering Team and the Admin-Business Team. The Admin-Business team won the title of the CPL 2018 season. The sky was the limit for the celebration of the Admin-Business Team as they beat the defending champions in style.

Sam (Director) and Raveendranadh (Director Operations) graced the presentation ceremony and handed over the trophy to the winning captain. The Engineering Team lifted the runners-up trophy. The winning team continued their celebration on the following day as they paraded the trophy around the office and danced to the tunes of DJ-Bravo and Gangnam Style.

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CPL Delhi 2018: After the rhythmic success of CPL Vizag season 1 and season 2, the much awaited Chegg Premier League finally made its way to Chegg Delhi office.

Post the registrations and nominations, 2 women teams and 4 men teams were formed for the competition – Imperials, Chegg Mustangs, Cosmet Challengers XI, Angry Birds, Chegg Strikers, and Chegg Tornadoes. Under the excellent leadership of the captains of teams – Santosh Kumar Dubey (Cosmet Challengers XI), Pankaj Wadhwa (Angry Birds), Priyanka Gupta (Imperials), Jaishree Nautiyal (Chegg Mustangs), Imran Khan (Chegg Strikers), and Ankur Mehra (Chegg Tornadoes) – all the passionate players donned their armors and sharpened up their skills through strenuous practice.

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21st April 2018:

As the sun climbed the sky, cricket frenzy Cheggers gathered on Netaji Subhash Sports Complex, Jasola and amidst cheers, whistles, and applause unveiled CPL 2018 Delhi – Season 1.

Standing in the sunshine at 8:30 AM, everyone rejoiced in joy as 6 teams contended face-to-face to display their sterling sportsman spirit and skills. The imperative decision as to shortlist the contending teams was taken through a lucky draw.

Chegg Premier League Delhi 2018 – Season 1 – Summary

All the players carefully examined and analyzed the cricket pitch and huddled with their teams to formulate their best playing strategy.

Vijay (Managing Director) graced the battleground and boosted the morale of the players. MOC (Ministry Of Culture) members kick-started the first match of the day with a toss which was won by Angry Birds. The match moved expeditiously with players sending the ball flashing to all the parts of the ground. All the teams exhibited exceptional cricketing flair.

Staying true to the quote “The more you sweat in the practice, the less you bleed in the battle”, our batsmen bewitched the spectators with brilliant boundaries and sixes. The bowlers, also, left no stone unturned and took the reins of the match in their hands with spin blowing, dangerous inswings, and googly.

With every stumbling wicket, one team’s supporters rejoiced in joy while sullen silence enveloped other team’s noisy followers. There was a battle of Titans with the teams playing fiercely. The CPL breathed an air of fun, fervor, and frolic.

Defying all odds, from women’s team, Chegg Mustangs (48 runs, 3 wickets) and from men’s team, Angry Birds (137 runs, 4 wickets) bagged the winning team title. Tarun Arora scored 83 runs and picked up 3 wickets and walked away with the “Man of the series” award.

The trophy was handed over to the winning team by Hassan Mahamudal (Director, Marketing Support) and Neeraj Misra (Administration Manager) at the venue, amidst great joy and triumphant smiles.

Success always calls for a celebration and is incomplete without merry-making! Post the strenuous game, Cheggers feasted to a spread of mouth-watering refreshments and captured all the blissful moments through selfies and group photos.

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With the success of CPL 2018, the wait for the next CPL – Chegg Premier League – 2019, is now on …

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