Pre-Independence Day @ CHEGG INDIA

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.”

Mahatma Gandhi





11th August, 2017.

That time of the year again – 15th of August – the day when India gained its freedom from British Empire – yes, the Independence Day – The Annual National Festival of India when the level of patriotism boosts up in each Indian – a day very important for every citizen of India. The Fifteenth of August is a Red-Letter day in our calendar as the most significant date in the annals of our history. It was on this day, seventy years ago, that India became what it is today – a free and independent country.



Saluting the spirit of independence, the nation and its freedom fighters, Chegg India Private Limited, Visakhapatnam, and Delhi celebrated the 71st Pre-Independence Day at their office premises with lots of zest, zeal and patriotic fervor- resplendent with the tricolors of the Tiranga:

White – Truth, Peace and Purity

Saffron – Selflessness and Courage,

Green – Prosperity, Fertility and Faith

The circular symbol in the center of the flag, the Ashoka chakra, is the wheel of the dharma, the cosmic law that upholds the order of the universe.



THAT DASH OF TIRANGA…The essence of India


CHEGG INDIA OFFICES – Depicting the Soul of India

Untitled design (10)

A Beehive of Activity…

Patriotism, Nationalism, Unity in Diversity…



The SPIRIT of FREEDOM…in every nook and corner…



Cheggsters …Brimming with excitement…


With the whole office bubbling with the SPIRIT of INDEPENDENCE, the patriotic fervor was infectious.


Both our bases wore a look of festivity and buzzed with activities. The event started with digital hoisting of the Tiranga, with the National Anthem being played at the background.  It was followed by a short video “Spirit of India” showing our strength, our culture, and our unity. Events organized were the Best Bay Decoration & Best Dressed Team competitions, Musical Chairs, Individual performances, etc.

Cheggsters indulged themselves in a feast of activities as they celebrated freedom on the pre-Independence week.

The Independence Day Celebrations Week – 2017

A multitude of theme-based activities were aligned to mark the day:

  • Rangoli – a native art form considered to be auspicious, in which patterns are created on the floor. The women staff of Chegg participated and drew vibrant theme-based patterns and brought them to life.


Best out of Waste

A contest in which craft work had to be created imaginatively and innovatively using discarded materials, the competition, was a creative success as Cheggsters came up with unique hand-made artifacts, proving their adroitness and skill.

Drawing and Painting:  Employees were seen busy at their desks, painting away to glory showcasing their love for the country through their paintings, pencil arts, colors, sketches – a palette of colors.



–          The venue for the event, displayed a colorful display of the spirit of Independence Day with tri color balloons & the podium also decorated with the colors of freedom.

Sare Jahan se Accha – Hindustan Hamara


The Event started with an Antyakshari competition conducted by the cultural committee – a terrific start to the eve, bringing out the singing talents of people. Cheggsters participated with fun and vivacity guessing and singing the patriotic songs, with lot of cheer and applause.

  Live Musical Performance (Group):

Cheggsters came together on stage to sing and play the patriotic song “Suno Gaur se Duniya Walon…sabse aage honge HINDUSTANI’ which enthralled one and all, followed by yet another soulful  melody “Teeja Tera Rang tha Mai to,”, which made all those present hum and sway. They unfurled the loyal fervor into the air creating an aura of patriotism.

A truly melodious rendition to the nation…soulful!

Mr. Sam Oguri, Director, Chegg India, spoke on the occasion, bringing out the genesis of Chegg – an academic hub. He narrated its journey from humble beginnings to that of market leader in the Edu-tech industry. He emphasized the reason for Vizag being chosen as a potential academic hub – the age-old University – the Andhra University – a jewel in the crown.  He paid homage to our leaders and freedom fighters stating that the air we breathe, the soil we tread on and the freedom we enjoy are the fruit of their sacrifices. In soul stirring words, he brought about the value and the true worth of such freedom. Speaking about fundamental rights and duties, he said that freedom should not be misused, rather we as true citizens of India, should fulfill our moral and fundamental duties and responsibilities.

Prof. G. Nageswara Rao Garu, the Vice-Chancellor, Andhra University, graced the occasion and addressed the gathering with his informative and inspiring speech.  Reminiscing the glorious history of India, he spoke on the freedom movement. India, he said, is a land of intellectuals and we have a galaxy of intellectual nuclear scientists, who are the best in the world. He concluded his speech stating India is not a developing country, but a developed country with a huge potential. India has risen from ashes in these 70 years, and by the end of the next ten years, India would stand as a Super-Power.

The Guest of Honor, Prof. G. Nageswara Rao Garu, Vice Chancellor, Andhra University was felicitated and presented with a Chegg Swag box by our Director, Mr. Sam Oguri, as a token of gratitude for gracing the occasion and sharing his valuable insights.

Cheggsters rendered beautiful foot tapping dance medleys of patriotic songs in the most rhythmic and graceful moves. Energetic, apt, lively and colorful performances by our girls stole the hearts of the crowd, and kept the crowd cheering.

Employees came in ethnic wear and the best dressed male and the best dressed female walked away with prizes.

This lively palette also encompassed a few fun-filled games and Cheggsters participated in the fun and frolic.


The Independence Day Celebrations …

with patriotism, pomp, show and fun…

Prizes were given away by our Director to the winners of the competitions held.

The eventful day culminated with a delightful rendition of the National Anthem “Jana Gana Mana” by Rabindranath Tagore, a polymath.

Sweets were distributed to solemnize the happiness.


A patriotic song by a Cheggster filled stirred the feelings of love and respect for Mother India, which was followed by narration of a beautiful story. The best dressed team and the best decorated bay walked away with prizes – overall 8 teams had participated.  The day ended with tasty bites of snacks.

The passion and fervor, with which the Cheggsters joined, echoed their reverence and veneration to the many who laid down their lives for freeing India from the oppression of the British rule.

The event ended with a Vote of Thanks by our HR Manager – Mohammad Imran.


Cheggsters participated with great enthusiasm bringing out the past glory, the richness and the culture of India. The day ended on a note of nationalism.

Proud to be a Cheggster!

Proud to be an Indian!

Jai Hind!

Clippings of the Newspaper: The Independence Day Press Coverage in major Telugu Daily newspapers (dated 12th August 2017)

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