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Our Celebration of KIDS!


Nothing charges up kids like summer. To ensure the kids of the employees get the most out of this summer – in fun and spirit, Chegg, in a unique move, on Friday, 2nd June, 2017 celebrated the kids’ day at its Vizag Office. Kids of all our employees were welcome to enjoy the fun.

The event scheduled from 3 pm to 5 pm, was the first of its kind in the annals of Cheggology.

More a Happy Kids Day, rather just a kids day, the day was Chegg’s celebration of kids. 65 Kids of all age groups ranging from infants to toddlers to teens, dressed to kill in bright colors,  walked in, escorted by their parents – a colorful mixed bag of kiddos – some eager, some inquisitive, some naughty, some playful, some poised, but yes all with those innocent, enchanting smiles that made everyone in the office smile.

The agenda, already fixed for the BIG DAY:

Entertainment by an external entertainer: A magician-cum-ventriloquist was invited in the afternoon, who enthralled the kids with a captivating show and fun games conducted exclusively for our little guests. Yes…they were our guests of honor and the time was theirs in its entire entirety. The cutie pies were filled with fun, frolic and frenzy. All the little muffins present went berserk with amusement. The show entertaining and the response overwhelming!


Opportunity for Kids to perform: The kids had an opportunity to come out and showcase their individual talents – it was a pleasure to be a witness to such an amazing bundle of talents – the tiny tots showed their cute moves, danced, swirled their hips, recited poems, sang endearing songs, laughed and clapped in glee.  The little sweethearts unleashed their unique creativity in full bloom. An experience, unmatched in innocent glory.

Gifts and more: Chegg cafeteria well stocked with foodie goodies – the larders filled with chocolates, chips and cold drinks – the perfect summer treat, and kids savored the chocolates and relished the yummy stuff. Chegg had useful gifts gifted to all the children as takeaways. The eyes filled with wonder – the teeny fellas were filled with awe and just loved the experience. Delight evident in their bright eyes, dazzling smiles and beaming faces.

Anuradha, process expert, ME team, took the initiative and came forward to teach dance moves to the kiddo group. These colorful gems swayed with the music and the flow and immersed themselves in a rhythmic tango to foot tapping music – truly a feast to the eyes.


With tummies full and happy, these little angels were seen prancing around the office, bouncing, bubbling, dancing, shouting…and felt very much at home. Kids were seen walking, talking, making friends, and sitting at the workstations and on the desktops – no strings attached absolutely – no dos and no don’ts.


The ambiance filled with jollity, the office resonated with babbling voices. The jibber-jabber brought a lot of life and radiated positive vibes of mirth in the office, with employees too having their share of fun with these charming, funky, jazzy super stars.

A free event, it was an interactive hive of activities – kids were treated to an action-packed, fun-filled time and the event was an awesome success – a great way for children of all ages to come out and experience – bringing together fun, magic, food and takeaways. It sure was a great play experience for the little ones. Cheggsters had a blast engaging them and being engaged by them.


Parents often think about their children at work, narrating rollicking tales of their kids to their colleagues. The day was a convergence of the two worlds – the work and the family life.

True to its values, Chegg powered an abundance of activities. The cute hearts danced, yelled, played and made merry and the day ended with goodies and festivities…The day inspired the kids to do whatever they wished to do.


Bringing all the children together helped them wiggle out. It was a recess time for the employees too. Altogether, with kids around, it was an enriching experience.

Time well spent with both kids and coworkers of all ages.

The day was celebrated in honor of all these incredible kids in our life.

Chegg has once again proved to seamlessly tie all the extraordinary tales together and is one of the best places to work.

Inspire the child! Inspire the world!

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