Celebrating the Strength and Elegance of Women@Chegg India… THE PINK PAVILION

Celebrating the Strength and Elegance of Women@Chegg India…


– A Defining Moment!

WOMEN’S DAY–2017 – Chegg India

The Saga of International Women’s Day Celebration! This day is celebrated on the 8th of March, every year, on a global platform – a day set aside to celebrate the achievements of women in all spheres of life – Women who help in shaping the society and the world as a whole. A day to let them know how much they are loved, valued, appreciated and respected…


A progressive attainment of gender equality is crucial for a beautiful world. Chegg is focused towards enhancing women’s progress in the workplace.  The culture at Chegg creates a supportive, inclusive, conducive and flexible environ – a great work life balance that begets a bright workforce.

With a strong belief in gender parity, Chegg celebrated the International Women’s Day on 8th of March, at its Vizag and Delhi offices, with fun, fervor, grandeur and of course, the spirit.


The dress code for the day was Pink – a color that symbolizes compassion, nurturing and caring, unconditional love, the spirit of giving and receiving, feminity and thoughtfulness – the qualities inherent in women, and yes, all our pretty women turned up in pinks, and the whole office wore a pinkish hue.

The moment they walked in, women were welcomed with roses, cards of appreciation, and cheerful, dazzling smiles by the dainty darlings of Chegg – our pink blossoms. Roses and chocolates were placed on the desks of our women employees at the Delhi Office.

Untitled design (6)

Chegg organized a one hour program in the afternoon, exclusively for all its ladies– the debonair divas. All the women employees assembled in the conference room – and were transported to an exotic world of their own.


Shades – the room wore a festive and vibrant look as it was decorated with colorful balloons of pink and white denoting the color of happiness. Balloons – signify trying to hold onto something and also letting go – Women hold onto their values, ethics and principles but are letting go of the conservative conventions that hold them from growing and evolving.


The Directors, Sam Oguri and Imran Khan, along with Mohammad Imran, Manager-People Support presided over for a couple of minutes to add the impetus, post which the pink pavilion was left entirely to the enchanting ladies, who reveled in revelry and mirth for the next hour and more.

Speaking inspiringly on the occasion, Director-India, Mr. Sam Oguri, thanked every woman employee for the immense contribution and appreciated their dedication and sincerity. He also spoke on the importance of education, on the fact that “Knowledge is Power” and how it brings about a difference in the lives of many. He inspired all the women to work towards the noble cause of spreading education– each one teach one, thereby making an educated society and providing opportunities to the less privileged, by striving not only towards pursuit and acquisition of knowledge for a personalized successful career, but also sharing the knowledge with others, thereby giving the deprived, an opportunity for growth and success. He also commended the women power for proving their mettle in a span of less than 50 years.



Mr. Imran Khan, Director of Content, gave a spellbinding talk on the role of women in every realm – be it business, social, cultural, community, education or politics, narrating his personal experience on how happy and thankful he was to every woman – mother, wife, associates – who have always empowered him. He also delved on the fact that there is nothing that women can’t achieve, and motivated the employees to be more ambitious and reach out for the stars. He applauded the women for their untiring efforts in wonderfully bringing out a work-life balance.


A series of fun games were conducted by our ever energetic, bubbly girls, who kept up the frolic.

The event started with a game of Tambola (Housie). Filled with fun, prizes were given away for Jaldi Five, Three Rows and Two Full Houses.


This was followed by a fun game – Color or Word? The game comprised of reading out names of colours typed in multiple colours, not in the same colour – confusing? Well it was, but yes, lots a fun!


Music pervades all – no event can be complete without music – a round of “Antakshari”  brought out the innate talents of our singing divas – a competition between groups named Ragam, Talam, Pallavi and Geetham – a total elaboration of Indian Classical music – an absolute blast!11

The winning team celebrating with “Celebrations!”12

Chegg Admin Team had arranged for a tasty, chocolate cake. The icing on the cake, both in the literary and the figurative sense, was its theme based design – also in pink, depicting the various roles of a woman, in just one image.


Vanity! Thy name is Woman…


Adding frills to the event, a nail paint artist was invited.

Our señoras and señoritas delighted themselves to bright, beautiful and colourful nail arts.


Reflecting on International Women’s Day today…

The theme of the International Women’s Day celebration of 2017 is “Be Bold for Change”.

Women Empowerment is the conception of a social milieu for women so they can feel free to think and take decisions for the benefit of themselves as well as the society.

Women empowerment lies in honoring and treating oneself with respect.

Also, a salute to Chegg for the opportunity and the equality, sans disparity…

Let’s honour International Women’s Day, which pushes us to “step up.”


Having come this far – everything is possible!

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