HR Team-Chegg India – in action @ Mega Job Fair-Vizag

Career fairs or career expos, commonly referred to as job fairs, have become the latest forms and norms of a professional dialogue. Career fairs, characterized by an exchange of resumes and business cards, have begun to play a crucial role, even in a world swarmed with online job portals. 

Millennium   Software   Solutions organized a Job fair in the Andhra University campus on the 16th and 17th of December 2016.  More than 50 companies actively participated in the job fair.

Chegg India too was invited.

The date set – the venue fixed. All that was required was for our people to show up.

Carpe diem! The HR team – Chegg India seized the opportunity – it put its best foot forward and participated in the fair with great zest.


The team presented Chegg in all its glory, filling the air with that tint of white and orange, spreading the vibrant milieu all around, with a powerful presentation on Chegg and grabbing the attention of all those present. Even in such a cut-throat competition, it carved a niche for itself and amassed an excellent branding by its visual displays – the banners, catchy fliers, and the Tee’s imprinted with Chegg logo.


The HR crew, represented by Mohammad Imran, Laveen, Aptachaitanya, and Deepika, created a lasting impact. It put in lots of cohesive efforts and succeeded in selling Chegg as a unique brand.

Commendable efforts – Fantabulous job – Thumping success!


M. Laveen, HR Executive donned the role of the corporate ambassador and stole the show – presentable, positive and informative, he spoke about Chegg at length – encapsulating  the company’s mission statement, objectives, its values, its global presence,  the bright and cheerful ambience of the office, the opportunities, the career grid, the benefits associated – P.F, Half-yearly Bonus, Mediclaim, Gratuity, the leave structure, corporate sustainability and its awesome work culture – team work,  flexible working hours, the fun and the frolic – All based on facts, feelings and beliefs about the organization.

Expressing itself through a corporate voice, the team seeped the corporate soul of Chegg to all and sundry – and yes – the voice was heard – heard by all present.

A powerful presentation of Chegg as the leading connected learning platform, that helps students save time, save money and get smarter was presented. The presentation clearly defined what Chegg does and portrayed a real picture of Life@Chegg.

The logo and the tagline – Chegg – The Student Hub garnered a lot of attention and raised many an eye-brow, ushering in a crowd of prospective candidates showing genuine interest in working with Chegg.


The team effort bore fruit – It weaved a winsome picture of Chegg and mirrored a beautiful image.

The room allocated had a 100 seater capacity. The success visible by the fact that innumerable batches of aspiring minds incessantly flooded in to learn about the company, and the team very patiently answered all their queries.

The response was measurable and was amazingly overwhelming as Chegg received footfalls soaring to a whopping number of + 1500. It was a notable moment as the team met an enormous victory in selling the brand image to a wide and diverse spectrum of audience comprising of budding and fresh college pass-outs – Vizag aspirants applying expectantly to Chegg and enthusiastically buying the brand image.

The first time ever, that Chegg participated in a Mega job fair and made its dynamic and lively presence felt in an open competitive environ. It made a distinct mark for itself amongst prospective companies and created its own unique brand awareness – a vital constituent of partaking in such public events.

The HR Team succeeded in churning out huge number of untapped potential, talking to real talent, rather than that expressed in resumes. The team spread the word of Chegg and established an unforgettable and arresting campus presence. This will pave way for progress and forge ongoing partnerships. A crucial part of its recruiting strategy, the platform proved an opportunity of increasing Chegg’s visibility, far and near.

Chegg once again proved itself a Market Leader in the academic world. The meet was a huge success as Chegg could deliver a clear message, providing credibility in the vast job landscape. It built its repute as the NUMERO UNO in the academic arenas.

The team returned back with triumphant smiles and a great sense of accomplishment! 

The reaction, fantabulous! The moment, proud!


Indeed, a great start to the closure of 2016!

HR-Chegg India has set the trail ablaze…


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