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 Meetings are a part and parcel of the corporate world. Meetings are forums where people participate, converge and talk about work matters. Considered to be powerful business weapons, they are gaining popularity, more so, in business worlds, with a competitive edge. They provide a platform not only for healthy interactions, but also for quick sharing of ideas, creating increasing networks, delivering important updates, acknowledging the accomplishments of members by way of public recognitions, delivering important updates, brainstorming, and exchanging opinions. Meetings help in fostering and strengthening healthy working relationships and are dynamic tools of communication.

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Chegg India has a good number of experts working as External Answerers or EAs, as they are generally called. EAs are subject experts, who work from the comfort of their homes, and their contribution towards Question Answer Board (Q&A) or Text Book Solutions (TBS) cannot be undermined. Very valuable assets to the organization, these experts have been sharing knowledge on a large scale, and are significant contributors.


Sunday – 4th Sept 2016, Venue: Tenneti Park, Visakhapatnam: In a maiden effort, Chegg India organized an EA meet in the lush green, sea-facing, scenic environ of Tenneti Park. The day was cool and the sky cloudy. Chegg sent invites to 40 EAs. Owing to bad weather, the participation rate was 50%. The meet started at 4:45 p.m. and went till the time dusk started falling, with the sun sinking lower in the horizon. The light ebbed in sync with the warmth of the meet.

The meet rolled on by an inspiring speech by Manager – Territory and Business Requirements, Mr. Reddy, with a warm welcome to all the participants, followed by an interaction between the territory team and the experts. Our territory team is a weighty wing of the organization. The team works tirelessly with single-minded dedication, 24 by 7, in close association with EAs; be it recruiting, training, collaborating and/or ensuring the queries of students are met. Chegg works with one prime motto – ‘Students first’. Rising to the occasion, Mr. Reddy spoke stimulatingly, gearing up the experts, with a heads-up on the expected flow of volume, and threw light on the recently launched referral schemes.


The open space and informal air in which the meeting was convened, gave the much needed impetus for free flow of idea, thought and speech, and helped set in a friendly mood in the soothing, breezy ambience of the park, amidst greenery with the gurgling sound of the metronomic waves in the background, as if in symphony with the bounteous nature.

The purpose of the meet was to build a healthy, robust and mutually fruitful relationship, leading to increased morale and productivity. The external answerers, who had come from far and near, had a joyful time, sharing their experiences, and seeking answers to their queries, on a personal level, which were addressed by the team, much to their satisfaction. The experts also inspired each other with stories of their association with Chegg as EAs, and narrated how excited they were, to be a part of the Chegg family. They spoke of Chegg in high praise – as a source of income during hard times.


Experience speaks:

One such testimony by our valuable expert:

Monica Keerti K, CE Expert:

“I was facing a trying period. My husband was down in health and I was a homemaker – not knowing what next on my monthly income… Every day was an ordeal, and I was fighting a losing battle. During this phase of critical, financial crisis, Chegg came in as a life savior. It was and is a place where I can stand firm and lead my family. I can never ever forget those grueling times on my life and Chegg really came in as a great help during those times of distress. Now, thanks to my freelancing job with Chegg, things are stable. I can never think of quitting working for Chegg. I thank all the people, who helped me, work for Chegg. Long live, Chegg!”

The top three performers were awarded Chegg T-shirts for going the extra mile in supporting Q&A board and TBS, one of whom had taken the pain of traveling all the way from a place, 300 kilometers away, only to attend the meet.


The pleasant atmosphere was further enhanced, making room for socializing and sharing pep talks to lighten up the mood with scrumptious and toothsome refreshments in the form of cookies, samosas, adding to the fizz with Appy fizz.

Going Green: It was a green meeting, considering the takeaways of green plants given to each and every participant, by Chegg management, making it environment-friendly and augmenting the spirit of corporate sustainability. Scribbling pads, with pens inscribed with Chegg logos were also gifted away as complimentary tokens.


It truly was a worthy colloquium, with people looking forward to many more such gatherings in the near future, with proposals to make such meets an on-going activity with EAs opining that such meets should take place at least once a semester.

The meet ended with an emphasis on the lucrative referral program. It proved successful in bringing together people from multifarious backgrounds, but united with one single thread of being EAs@Chegg.

The meet was a tremendous success, in building goodwill and trust, and has paved way for many more in the months to come…


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  1. Nice Idea by respective teams .. This kind of programs will make more awareness to recruit EAs and increase enthusiasm for current EAs. Thanks for sharing with us…

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