“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.” – Henry Ford

30th July 2016: The day marked a new saga in the history of Chegg India– a perfect day to laud the brains who have proficiently contributed to the success story of Chegg.

Chegg India held its first ever Chegg Experts Meet on the 30th of July, 2016 at Cha Bar, CP – an interactive gathering comprising of more than 30 experts from diverse academic backgrounds and different age groups, and our team.

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The meet began with Mr. Imran Khan, National Director – Expert Management, discussing Chegg’s goals, news for Experts, advance quality improvements, and more, followed by a concise introduction of the Experts and Chegg team members.

With utmost simplicity, Experts were made familiar with the faces of our company, quality improvement – in terms of website updates and Q&A dashboard queries, and creating linkages with Experts. To add to the success celebration, Experts were presented colored badges (each color symbolizing a particular subject), notepads, and pens.

All the queries of Experts were resolved through one-on-one question and answer session.

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Empty stomach diminishes the ability to grasp the information, so, to activate the grey cells of the audience, a small treat was called for, wherein everyone feasted to a spread of mouth-watering refreshments, and indulged in some good music.

In the end, Mr. Ram Avtar (Expert – General Business) was honored for sustaining the superior quality in the substantial answers answered in a short span of time, without skipping many questions.

The Meet ended on a high note with the Experts sharing their experiences, success stories, accounts of the difference that Chegg has made to their lives, and was sealed with a promise to deliver even better results and achieve higher grounds and awards in the next meet.


Chegg India is all set to host more meets, across the nation, in the upcoming months to acknowledge the efforts of the Experts and to be on the same page in terms of organizational and individual goals.

This is just the beginning of a new success story. Stay tuned to know about the upcoming meets.

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