Office Expansion – Chegg India, New Delhi

Office Expansion – Chegg India

Chegg India has been rapidly and steadfastly expanding – thanks to the constant support of our valued student community.

In order to make room for the emerging opportunities, and future market development plans, which not only fit our strategic needs, but give us a fresh, new landscape, Chegg India, New Delhi, on 21st June, 2016, inaugurated its new office on the 4th floor of its Jasola building. It thus, opened its doors to wider vistas from a global standpoint, aiming for a wider outreach.

Chegg India Pvt. Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of US-based Chegg – a leading academic hub, climbed a step upward with its latest move – the Delhi office expansion. The new office provides an aptitude for augmenting its technological functions across the company. A building with an innovative design, and dedicated conveniences, such as board rooms, conference forums, height-adjustable desks, lounge, and a cafeteria – the new office boasts of state-of-the-art facilities, plus connection to the most extraordinary amenities and refined aesthetics.

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Chegg team is not only delighted with the growth but is equally excited to witness this expansion, as the trend epitomizes the company’s commitment to continue to  outclass the milestones it has already accomplished. It also creates the right environ and ambience for its employees to grow, achieve and excel. Not only this, the new office would help in increasing the productivity, and help in aligning the present with the future.

Our Delhi office wore a new look, that of a coy bride, as it was decorated with bright balloons, colourful rangolis, and beautiful flowers. Our team from the US – Nathan Schultz, Joshua Huff, Kimberly Quach, Jenny Brandemuehl, Tricia Tsai, Denise Helm, and Ashit Joshi were invited for the inaugural ceremony, which started off on a grand scale, with ribbon cutting by our Chief Learning Officer, Mr. Nathan Schultz. 

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The US team addressed the gathering with a brief note, followed by a short speech by our Managing Director, Mr. Bhanu Mishra and our Senior Developer, Engineering, Mr. Pankaj Pharthiyal.

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A video presentation was given by our Engineering team along with a brief demo of the new website interface!

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The corporate expansion is good news for our customers and us. Of course, with its own share of growing pains in the form of investment of time, money, and control, but it also adds to the flavour as in the addition of newer products and abilities to its offering. The new office certainly symbolizes the next step in our progress, as we look ahead to continuing our growth at an even faster rate from the new base.

Success always calls for a celebration and is incomplete without merry-making!

The company hosted a small party to celebrate the occasion, as Cheggsters feasted to a spread of mouth-watering refreshments, and revelled in some good music.

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It was fun to watch all the people who are a part of our recent growth, success and expansion, gathering under one roof and spending time together – eating, chatting and socializing. Everyone had a wonderful time!

The inaugural ceremony ended on a happy note with beaming smiles!

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