Chegg India Newsletter: First Edition

As Chegg ushers in 2016 with new hopes, aspirations, challenges, and promises, we are delighted to announce the launch of Chegg India’s inaugural  newsletter.

As you read through the pages, you will be transported into the internal world of Chegg – what it is, the services it offers, the latest updates from its two offices situated in India (Delhi and Vizag). For the feature story, it covers the massive EA hiring project undertaken by Chegg India.

The Social Events section covers how Cheggsters maintain a perfect balance between work and fun. Subject Matter Expert – An Inside Story takes you on the journey of a Chegg Expert Answerer who later, joins Chegg as a full-time subject expert.

In the Employee Corner, step into the heart of Khajjiar and find “dense cedar trees, with a stream of melting snow flowing down from the plateaus”.  Or get an insight into the story of seven sisters and one brother of north-east, the national hub of natural and cultural beauty. Take a dive in the pool of wisdom and words, listen to the sounds of nature, and look at the different aspects of life, with poems and articles, written to take you closer to your inner thoughts. Look at the surroundings from a whole new perspective through the original pictures featured in the In Focus section. And let your perspective change once again in the story called The Park where a conversation between two strangers will make you realize that there is so much more to what the eye sees and mind perceives.

Grab your own copy of the newsletter today!


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