Chegg E-Tutoring : A Success Story


Launched on the 1st of February, 2016, Chegg India’s Tutoring service is its latest foray into the realm of education.

In an era, where distances in time and space are no more a barricade for knowledge transfer, Chegg has penetrated into E-Tutoring and has once again lived up to its mission “Students First”.

One of Chegg Tutor’s biggest day was in the 3rd week of April, 2016 – it completed 84,453 minutes of tutoring lessons – the most ever, in a single day – over 1400 hours of help. The community handled the surge in student demand with poise, and a whopping success rate of 92% – on its way to the 100K Mark




Chegg has a mighty team of intellectuals with profound subject-knowledge, who are always willing to help and satiate the thirst of knowledge seekers.

Our army of knowledge transformers:




It is success making all the noise!


This is what our worthy students have to say:

“Great explanation and easy to follow. Thank you so much!”

 “Smartest tutor, has every answer to any question”

 “Incredibly descriptive and easy to understand!”

 “Helpful and knowledgeable. 11/10 because I am really bad at fractions.” (Student: Ian)

 “Great walkthrough and explanations.”

“Quick responder, Efficient, Knowledgeable.”

“Great session with accuracy in answers.”      

“Great teacher!” “Very responsive and knowledgeable.”




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