Workshop for Women at Chegg Vizag

There is no tool for development more effective than the Empowerment of Women.

20th April, 2016: The day marked a new chapter in the saga of Chegg.



Mrs. Durvasula Sharvani, BSc. B.L, M.A Psychology & M.Phil. (Counselling Psychology), a life skills coach and renowned counselor from Vizag was invited to address women employees on ‘Self-awareness & Women in Employment’ and few other topics.


Speaking on the occasion, the Director, Mr. Sam Oguri stressed on the importance of women and lauded them for the ease and finesse, with which they tend to balance the delicate line between work and life – a rare quality endowed only to women.


The session lasted for an hour and a half, and delved on topics such as,

·         Work life Balance
·         Leadership, Communication and Interpersonal skills
·         Career Progression
·         Job Stress  and Workplace Harassment
·         Time/anxiety/anger/stress management


The key takeaways:

  • Aim for three sources of income, to have a steady flow of income on any given day – source could be job, passion or hobby.
  • Follow the five point rule – happiness, health, spirituality, money and career.


Mrs. Durvasula Sharvani (

It indeed is a great initiative by the management towards strengthening the confidence of women employees in the organization, and in creating and fostering a healthy, congenial and conducive environment.




The session was an endeavour to add nourishment and enrichment to the mind, psyche and soul of the female employees. It was fruitful, in that the employees are now willing to come out of their cocoons and are feeling free to voice their opinions. “Why take a back stage, when Chegg is offering such an open culture and platform?” they opine.

A sweet little gesture by the Management and HR of Chegg India, that not only values women employees, but also creates equal opportunities and is always encouraging women staff to be assertive and self-reliant.




“We still have miles to go…”

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