Voice of an EA- Dinesh Kumar

Voice of an EA – Dinesh Kumar… in conversation with Veena

More than the pay, it is the passion that keeps me going… Chegg is an excellent platform for the overall growth of an individual… I never feel I am a freelancer… The inflow of questions is so appealing, that it keeps me active and motivated… I would continue as a part-timer at Chegg and earn more. I love to keep experts motivated and make them active contributors for Chegg…


How did you come to Chegg?

My friend who was already an Expert Answerer introduced me to Chegg. He once sought my help in solving some questions, so that he could get a job in Chegg. I helped him solve them and the next day he came with a box of sweets saying he was hired. That encouraged me not to lose a moment, rather pursue and join Chegg the very next day – ever since, I’ve become an addict to Chegg.




Do you work anywhere else or as a freelancer for any other company?

Prior to joining Chegg, I worked as a faculty in a college and also freelanced in a start-up company. But none of the freelancing jobs have truly fulfilled my needs and helped me financially. I joined as a full-time employee in an electronics manufacturing company. I am given a responsible role in the manufacturing process. My current job is very conducive to my working as an Expert Answerer.

How is being an Expert Answerer different from working as an employee elsewhere?

I can only utilize my technical skill in my current company, but Chegg helps me upgrade my subject knowledge and thus satiates my thirst for knowledge. So, at Chegg, along with monetary gain, I gain fulfillment and satisfaction – pay, performance, and satisfaction.
The fun part is one can start with zero investment and scale great heights in earning. Sky is the limit!
I carry my laptop or my smartphone to a cozy corner of my home and answer as many questions as I can. There have been instances, where I answered even while traveling. Work station has never been a constraint.




How much time do you spend a day on authoring? How many solutions do you do?

On an average, I spend 3 hours a day, 90 hours a month. During weekends or holidays, I spend few more hours and reap out close to 220-230 solutions/ month. I am very keen on answering questions during the month of December, especially Dec 31st, because that is the challenge that appeals to me. I really look forward to answering as many questions as possible. Dec 31st night keeps me awake, as I can see a volley of questions coming in.

How do you balance your personal life and professional life as an Expert Answerer?

Every time I open my laptop at home, my kids get motivated to open their books and study with me. They come and sit by my side and do their homework. I am a role model for them. They ask doubts on the work I do, and I get an opportunity to teach them.
They love watching me use software tools and keep asking me to explain to them. Working with kids around you, is fun and the dream of every father, I suppose. Chegg gifts me a happy family life.




Did you get any poor quality rating or send backs for your solutions anytime in your past? What did you do and what was your experience?

I never got a poor rating, either in TBS or in Q&A. Only once, there was a change in guidelines, which I was unaware of as I was then in a remote location with poor internet connectivity. It was the only time I failed to follow the new guidelines. My solutions were given a poor rating. My coordinators called me and notified me about the new regulations; and I fixed my solutions and re-submitted.

Could you tell us a memorable and challenging moment in your tenure?

Dec 31st – On the New Year’s Eve, there were four tough questions to be solved to meet the target for the year. The deadline was 6 pm. I was at my sister’s wedding. One expert from IIT did try to solve the questions, but he was stuck in the middle. However, he gave me a hint and I could crack all the questions by 4:30 PM. That was a memorable moment of my life and gave me a sense of achievement – a proud moment that I cherish.

So, while everyone else was out partying on the New Year’s Eve, you sat in front of the laptop answering student questions?

[Laughing] Everyone tries to find ways to party at the end of the year, but I party with my work.

You appear pretty dedicated, are you satisfied with the pay?

Yes, absolutely. More than the pay, it is the passion that keeps me going. The key to getting a good income is to create a good image in the minds of the students.

How does Chegg help in your progress?

I have an experience of more than five years with Chegg. I have been spending more time with Chegg, and it has always been benefiting. Thanks to the decent pay, and the varied knowledge I keep amassing – Chegg is an excellent platform for the overall growth of an individual. I never feel I am a freelancer.

Are you happy being an Expert Answerer? How has the role made your life easy?

Yes, I am thankful to the territory team for providing me this wonderful opportunity that balances my work and family life. I am financially satisfied and I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Would you recommend others to join as Expert Answerer? If yes, why?

Yes, I am more than happy to recommend people to join as Expert Answerers with Chegg, as it is a platform to share knowledge globally, acquire more expertise, and earn well too..

Have you ever procrastinated?

No. However, there was one instance of delay in submission as I had to attend to some emergencies at home.

Would you prefer to be a full-time expert or continue as a part-time expert in Chegg?

I am already working as a full-timer in a company that gives me the flexibility to work for Chegg too.  I prefer continuing as a part-timer in Chegg and earn more.

If you are asked to come to our office and train other Expert Answerers, would you opt for it?

Of course, yes! I am very much interested in taking up such opportunities. In the past, I recommended Chegg to my student and I am glad he is earning more than me.


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