5 Facts You Should Know About Chegg

What is orange, helps students save as much as 90% of their tuition fee, offers 24/7 access to homework help and online tutors, is the one-stop destination to buy/sell/rent textbooks, and allows students to discover top colleges, best scholarships, and trending internship opportunities?

Need another hint? It is a five letter word that starts with C.


In less than a decade of its existence, Chegg has transformed the way students learn by prioritizing their academic and career needs, and addressing those needs in a manner that is both accessible and affordable. The digital learning industry has acquired a distinct orange tinge, thanks to Chegg’s visible presence and its growing user-base.

But what makes Chegg special and more than a student’s best friend?

Here are five facts about Chegg that you should know!

1. Starting small and ending big!

What came first – the chicken or the egg? Well, we know what came after. Chegg!

The journey began in 2001 with the creation of Cheggpost.com, a Craigslist-type classifieds for college students created by the students of Iowa State University. One of its regular users was Aayush Phumbhra, who saw potential in the idea and together with Osman Rashid, officially launched Chegg Inc. in 2005 with the motto:

Save time. Save money. Get Smarter.

The story behind the unique name goes back to its founding days when the founders, then fresh out of college, came face to face with every fresher’s dilemma:  they could not land a job without experience, and could not get experience without a job.

With nine major acquisitions between 2009 – 2014, including major players in the education industry such as CourseRank, Cramster, Zinch, and InstaEDU, Chegg is counted among one of the most successful Silicon Valley start-ups today.  From its headquarters in Santa Clara, California, the company has expanded its reach far and wide to countries like Israel, India, and Ukraine.



2. Winner of Glassdoor’s Employee’s Choice Award 2015 for the Best Places to Work

Not only is Chegg a student’s best friend, it is also one of the best places to work. Earlier this year, it won the Glassdoor’s Employee’s Choice Award for Best places to work in the Small & Medium Business category. It currently ranks 28th in Glassdoor’s list of top 50 places to work.

Putting students first, improving their outcomes, and disrupting the dysfunction in higher ed is both hard and deeply satisfying work,” says Dan Rosensweig, President and CEO of Chegg. “Receiving the Glassdoor Employee’s Choice award reflects the passion that everyone at Chegg has for helping students save time, save money and get smarter, and I am very proud to be a part of this team.



3. Chegg’s Philanthropic Side

Chegg is a company with an active social consciousness and believes in giving back to the society. With its Chegg For Good program, the company helps students gain experience and insight into social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and advocacy, thus making them catalysts for change in their communities. Chegg has also planted over 6 million trees through the company’s partnership with American Forests Global ReLeaf program. In addition, the company’s employee volunteer program encourages all full-time employees to take five days of service a year out of the office, with compensation from the company, to give back to local organizations that matter to them.

Take a look at Chegg For Good archives for more.



4. Chegg India – A Freelancing Hub

In addition to being a popular learning tool, Chegg is also a thriving hub of freelance subject experts who find a perfect platform to share their subject knowledge with the world in Chegg India, a fully owned subsidiary of Chegg Inc. Thousands of experts regularly pitch in to help students with their homework assignments through Chegg’s Question & Answer Board and Textbook Solutions.

For someone with a solid footing in the subject of his/her choice, a passion for teaching, and a few extra hours in hand, Chegg India is the perfect place to start a freelance expert career.




5. With Chegg, it is equal parts work and fun

Earlier this year, Chegg partnered with Ed Sheeran, 6 time Grammy nominee and multiplatinum singer/songwriter, for the #EdOnCampus contest. It was open to all college and high school students who competed to win the chance to have Ed perform at their school and receive a $10,000 grant from Chegg for their music department.

Recently, Chegg also organized Hackathon 2015, together with HackingEdu, for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subject majors and tech industry professionals to work together.

We reach 15 million high school and college students on a regular basis. Usually it’s about learning, and studying, and applying for college and jobs,” says Mitch Spolan, EVP of Brand Partnerships at Chegg. “But everyone needs a study break, and for both students and brands, these are the types of experiences that only Chegg can deliver.

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With Chegg, there is always something new and exciting waiting round the end of the semester.

Interested in becoming a part of the Chegg Family? Join the ranks of thousands of other freelancers working with Chegg today!


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