At Chegg, We Put Students First

“I am a recent subscriber of Chegg, and I would love to interject my amazement and happiness with the services this website provides. I underestimated this website. I never thought it would provide solutions and even convenient expert answers. It pretty much helped me knock out a HUGE portion of my semester’s work for a class, and the “Ask an expert a question” makes it even more amazing. I will further explore and use this website for my benefit, and will even consider getting a tutor from here.

Overall, this is an amazingly helpful website, and I will highly recommend it to others. Thank you so much!

This is one of those genuine motivating responses we receive from time to time – one that helps us raise our standards in catering to the learning needs of the students. That’s our valuable student opining his view on our committed services.

Few more candid views

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“Very good and helpful tutor. Explained concepts better than my professor.”

“Extremely helpful in helping me revise and make corrections to my essay!
Highly recommended.”

Online education is healthier than the traditional bricks and mortar tutoring. It helps in building a deeper and more enduring learning methodology, and fosters a win-win situation, for the tutor as well as the taught.  An increasing use of internet as compared to the libraries, for satiating the inquisitive mind – be it sailing through the most difficult math problem or solving a chemical equation in chemistry, understanding acceleration, velocity, speed in physics or completing those overwhelming biology worksheets and diagrams, writing long programs in computer science, or debating on world economy, cracking civil, electrical and mechanical problems, or choosing between hypothesis A and hypothesis B in statistics, etc. has given wings to this rich, seamless digital learning.

It is Chegg’s endeavor to help thousands of students across the globe gain easy access to education.

Chegg, a company based in Santa Clara, California, having fully owned subsidiaries in Delhi and Visakhapatnam, India, specializes in online textbook rentals, homework help, synchronous as well as asynchronous online tutoring, scholarships and internship matching.

We help students in high school and college. The students save their time and money on commuting to coaching classes, and in fact, they can join from any place. Also our textbook rental services, saves them the trouble of buying expensive text books.

How do we do it?

We at Chegg, place Students first – Students who change the world, and who mean the world to us. We strive for excellence and students thrive by our services.

We put

In this digital era, the demand for educational professionals is unparalleled. At Chegg, we have a quiz of qualified subject-experts from a wide-range of disciplines with proven track records – wizards in their own streams, always willing to go the extra-mile to aid the students. Chegg has to its bounty, a team of dedicated MNEs – Managed Network Experts and SMEs – Subject Matter Experts, with the sole motive of helping students.

Keeping in view the rocketing cost of tuitions, or buying books, online tutoring seems to be the need of the hour. It is not only cost-effective, it is equally convenient because it is well within the means and reach of the common man, plus the flexibility factor added to it.  This is exactly what Chegg boasts of achieving, and achieving with unblemished perfection.

Our Audience Base: We cater to a broad segment of the society – learners – traditional and non-traditional – be it high-school students, college students, college dropouts, part-time, full-time employees, professionals or life-long learners etc.

Services we offer

Textbook Rentals:

Rent out a book, read, give it back – hassle free. While your physical book is shipped, read from e-Textbooks. Whew!

eBook reader:

Built just for students to help learn faster.

·         Anytime, anywhere access across all connected devices

·         24/7 interactive homework help from Chegg’s network of MNEs and SMEs

Homework Help:

Post any question on Chegg’s Homework Help Q&A boards, and get answers from subject experts, professional tutors, around the clock.

When learning can be so much affordable, reachable and much more fun, what is the wait for?

Come, improve your knowledge base – join us and see the sea-change in your scholastic pursuits. We assure your pursuit of happiness would be learning, and learning more, in a virtual environment where all the differences in space and time, are wiped out, by continued efforts, towards a progressive and positive outcome.

Join the ranks of 6000+ experts already helping students around the world.
Start working with Chegg! We put Students first!


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