Voice of an EA- Srinivasa Rao

Voice of an EA – Srinivasarao… in conversation with Apta

“The comfort in being an MNE at Chegg is felt when you are paid well, having given all the freedom to work at leisure.”

How did you come to Chegg?
A university graduate in Electronics and Communications Engineering; I acquired various technical certifications to make myself worthy of good jobs. After several vain job trials in various cities for few years, I returned to my home town, Vizag. When I heard of Chegg and its openings for part time experts, I thought of grabbing the opportunity in spite of its high academic standards.
I took the challenge, cleared the test, and began authoring solutions for American text books. Soon, I acquired confidence and started feeling comfortable being an MNE. Finally, I understood that I found my niche in the academic world.

Where else do you work?
At present, I don’t work anywhere else. I make my living by working as an MNE.

How is being an MNE different from working as an employee elsewhere?
Full time employees are time bound. They are always in rush to finish the task in time. But freelancers can have their own time frames and are completely independent. Freelancers can work on multiple careers without much pressure and rush.
I was offered to join as a full time expert at Chegg in the past, but that would restrict me if I would have taken the offer, which is almost impossible as I was already leading a life within my comfort zone. Secondly, I always look for other part time businesses, and these opportunities would be shut down, if I would opt for a full time employment. So, I couldn’t take it.

How much time do you spend a day on authoring?
I spend around 6 hours a day.

How do you balance your personal and professional life as an MNE?
It is very common to have unexpected household tasks intervene one’s work at home. In those situations, I can happily pause, attend the household duties and resume. It is just that simple.

Could you narrate your experiences as and when you get poor quality rating or send backs for your solutions?
My work was sent back due to formatting errors few times. That happened, when I was unaware of the updated authoring guidelines. But that never bothered me much. I tried to update the guidelines and moved on.

Could you tell us a memorable moment and a challenging moment in your tenure?
Once I received a book that has nearly a 1000 problems and I solved more than 900 myself. The rating I received was also very good. That was my most memorable moment.
I received very tough books a couple of times, but I have persevered, worked hard and completed. That was my most challenging moment.

“The more you author, the more you earn. (1)

How does Chegg help in your progress?
Chegg helped me a lot in my life. I retrospect my life and can boldly claim that chegg has been my confidence and courage to support my family and stand strong in day-to-day life.

Are you happy being an MNE? How the role made your life easy?
Of course yes! The comfort in being an MNE at Chegg is felt when you are paid well, having given all the freedom to work at leisure. And this career encourages taking up other jobs too in free time to earn more.
The more you author, the more you earn. This motivates me not to procrastinate and author as many solutions as possible in a day.

Do you recommend others to join as MNE? If yes, why?
Yes, I have recommended few of my friends to join as MNEs and they are enjoying their career. One of them I recommended to join was once an engineering graduate and worked as an Assistant Professor in a college, but now he is enjoying his career more than ever.
The reason behind my recommendation is simple: Enjoy earning while you work on your own terms at home.

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