Make Time For Living as a Chegg EA

Earn to live and not just live to earn‘, is something that I always cherish. The purpose of working and earning is ultimately to enjoy life, isn’t it? Sadly, life has become a rat race for many – Rising up early, plodding the weary way, eating the bread of sorrows, and finally sleeping late. Is this life? Aren’t we trapped in a vicious circle? If this goes on – we will continue to live poor and die rich.

As a family man, I believe it is not enough to be a breadwinner, but, is equally important to be a joy-giver. It is not enough to provide for the family, it is also important to be present with the family. When was it last that you spent quality time with your family? Ain’t your home being deprived of the pleasure of your company?

workaholic man work office machine
Is Man a man or a machine?

Chegg creates an opportunity for you to make time for living better, through the role of an EA (Expert Answerer), where you can start working from home. This is going to be a-dream-come-true for many! Now, you can be a bread winner, a doting parent, a responsible husband, and a caring son.

Life has three prime stages: teen age, work age, and old age. In teen age, you have time and energy, but no money. In work age, you have money and energy, but no time. In old age, you have time and money, but no energy. As an EA, you can make money to enjoy in your teen age, save time to enjoy in your work age, and enjoy effortless work in old age.


Make your life worth living!

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