Study Tips for the Stressed Out Student

With pre-boards approaching, it’s important to have an efficient, organized method of studying so that you can make the most out of your time and ace your tests. Here are a few study tips that we’ve picked up over the years that are sure to help you succeed.

Take Good Notes

One of the most important aspects of effective studying is making sure you are taking good notes during class and when doing readings. Instead of just writing word for word what the professor says or what is on the board, take notes in your own words and include examples that make sense and are relevant to you.

Review Notes Daily

Instead of taking notes throughout the year and then not looking at them again until a day before exams start, you should be reviewing your notes on a daily basis. This doesn’t have to take a lot of time, just about 20-30 minutes to look over any new notes you took that day. This will allow you to better retain information and know if there’s any questions you may have for your professor or any concepts you want him or her to clarify next class.

Highlight Important Concepts and Passages

While reviewing your notes and doing readings, highlight concepts and passages that stand out to you as being important. These are likely to appear on exams and by highlighting them, you’ll be able to easily locate them when you’re preparing for exam time. Another way to better help you understand concepts is by creating a mind map; write a key concept in the middle of a sheet of paper and use lines to link it to definitions, examples and other relating concepts. This will serve as a a good, simple study sheet for last minute studying as exams get closer.

Quiz Yourself

Quizzing yourself is a great way to test your knowledge and let yourself know whether or not you’re fully absorbing and understanding the material. A good way to do this is by first reviewing your notes and readings, putting them away, and then jotting down all the key concepts and definitions you can remember. Afterwards, check to see if you got everything right. Any concepts you got wrong or didn’t remember you should spend a little more time reviewing or ask for clarification in class.

Hopefully these tips will help you ace your exams! Got any helpful study tips that we didn’t mention? We’d love to hear from you, so share them in the comments below!

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