Studying myths debunked: are you studying smart?

Studying for long periods of time will get me better grades

Just because you study for hours in a row does not necessarily equate to a better grade. If you can spend a few hours studying with no distractions (No Facebook/Netflix/YouTube/Tumblr, etc.,) it can be an even more effective way of studying.

If you can’t help but study for long periods of time, make sure to do the following:

Every 15 minutes

If you’re staring at a computer screen, make sure you look up into the distance for a few minutes. It helps reduce eye strain.

Every 30 minutes

Stretch out and walk around. Make sure you get the blood flowing throughout your body, and help reduce any tension and stress you may be feeling.

All Day. Every Day.

Stay hydrated and make sure to eat. Sometimes intense studying can make us forget how hard our body is working to remember all the information.

Listening to music while studying is better

This may be a myth for some people. Studies have shown that classical music is the best music to study with, but that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re not quite sure, try this fun little experiment to see if studying with music is right for you.

Cramming = A on the test

You may have heard this myth before, so why do people still do it? Cramming puts loads of stress on you, and it can negatively affect your memorization while studying and during the test. Try to do a little bit of studying every day before the test, and do a cumulative review after a couple of chapters. The more time you take to remember it, the more likely it will become second nature to you when trying to recall the information.

Studying in 1 place will always be better

Did you know that continually studying in 1 place all the time can be conducive to your productivity? Sometimes you need a change of environment to help motivate you, and put you in a better mood for studying. Do you always study in your room? Maybe try going to the library this time or outside even. This is a great tip for if you ever find yourself stuck and unable to do your work.

Reading the material more than once is a waste of time

False. Reading over the material and going through it more than once is one effective way of helping you further remember the important points that may be on the test. Sometimes repetition is key to success. Try taking notes the first time you read through. That way when you study, your notes will help you remember all the main points.

Happy Studying! Good luck :)

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