Life at Chegg – An Insider’s Story

Still a toddler in Chegg! Yes, just two years old in this organisation. Am I experienced enough to write about it?

Well! Yes, sure I am! Acquainted, equipped and energised to share my part of the story.

Behold and lo! Here I go…

I vividly remember the day. I was selected as a faculty in an academy, but somehow didn’t like the ambience there.  On my way back, I happened to glance at the name board of this organisation, came very casually and dropped in my resume. After waiting a few minutes, was asked if I could take a test. I was also told that the test would be difficult, based on American English, so I could prepare and come at a later date. I insisted on taking the test the same day. Luckily, I got through.

After clearing few rounds of interviews with our Directors and post a discussion with the HR, I finally landed here. The first day, after the initial formalities, I was taken to the Training Dept, where our Manager (Training & Dvpt) dealt with my induction. The five days of training were quite fruitful, in the sense I could gain a proper understanding of the Company.

Chegg India Office Delhi Vizag Career Workplace Employee

What interested me most about this organisation was that it is an Academic Hub, catering to US students – a decent place to work in. The aura also spelt academic – books all around – intelligent faces, working hard to the core on their systems – each to his/her own, so to say – no cheery hellos, no pep talks, no bubbly byes. All our employees are highly talented and experts in their own subjects, and so have this serious, sober, professor kind of looks and attitudes.  I did try to mingle with a few people, but in vain.  Every day was a new dawn.  You try to befriend a person, and the next day was a fresh new beginning – the person staring at you as if you had never met before, barring a few amiable people though.

 I slowly started taking this in my stride, and kept to myself and my work – Whew! Forgot to introduce myself, I am placed as an English Editor in this heavenly organisation, CHEGG. I was trained by my counterpart-a seasoned editor, based at our Delhi Office. Now, I could independently handle the tasks entrusted to me. Unfortunately, she had to leave and two new editors took her place – equally competent and brilliant. So, ours is a team of three and touchwood, we make a great team! “The Three Musketeers”, as we call ourselves.

Chegg India Career Editor Team Work Delhi Vizag Academic Student Hub

That was about my work.

Now, I’ll walk you through the organization – Chegg is a beautiful… by beautiful, I mean An EXCELLENT organisation, with a healthy work culture. The value it gives to the personal lives of employees is immense. In my longish experience of working almost twenty years, I haven’t come across any work-place that fosters a healthy work-life balance, as does Chegg. Chegg considers every employee to be a unique bundle of talent. The latent talents of employees are unleashed here-yes, unleashed, and not exploited, as in other firms. Being here, I am happy and my family is happy too. Everything about the organisation is fascinating – be it the vision, mission, the core values, work culture, work ethics – whatever you name. I’m sure my colleagues carry the same opinion about Chegg.

Now, Chegg has moved to a new premise-state of the art. This has added frills to the organisation and is a feather in the cap.

No organisation can exist without manpower. People make the difference. It is people who generate values. And Chegg has no dearth of such potential.

The Management of Chegg has an employee-centric approach. By management, I refer to all our managers – India and abroad, across the globe – People, who despite their rich academics, experience, intelligence, despite being the rare, shining gems that they are, are so down to earth- so grounded – so approachable, that hearts go out and bow in respect to such modesty. Such humility is hard to find. Though the focus is always on achieving goals, people are considered the life blood of this organisation and are given the respect they deserve. I am not being a sycophant now, when I write all good words and am all praise for the management. I am actually being very honest and genuine. Our management truly, is very supportive and understanding, at the same time, target-oriented, which is good, for, in the progress of the company, lies the future of the employee.

All my colleagues are equally warm, friendly and helpful. This, I realised during my onwards journey in the organisation. The same faces, I mentioned as serious, in my first few lines, have all turned out to be real smileys – such sweethearts!

From the top management, down to the office staff, everybody in Chegg is open-minded and so full of vitality.

After joining Chegg, I have stopped applying for jobs outside – never felt the need to. My search for the perfect work-life balance has ended here. I’ll continue as long as the company employs me, coz as said “CHEGG IS A WONDERFUL PLACE TO WORK FOR!” A company with the noble cause of spreading education…. A company worth its name!

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