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A series of Cheggified Articles begin at this stage, and we are excited about the journey that lies ahead. We hope to provide a quality insight about everything in this company, from work related queries to leisure activities. So, in this blog post we give a reflection of the convergence of the mind and the science through Chegg’s looking glass – An interesting way how mathematics and the work culture of Chegg complement each other.

Questions, Insight and Inquisitiveness – the three form a primordial triumvirate of kaleidoscopic proportions, and give birth to answers, which are none, but nature’s sway – put to pen and paper. What supposedly began, with the wheel, has now metamorphosed itself into a huge virtual giant. Yet, the thirst for questions to be answered still pushes the anthropogenic race ahead.

Calculus – the curved tool that saw number crunchers being solved in seconds. At Chegg, the world is not too different from the world outside, yet the greycells within have been at work, using these little elements of calculus, in their daily work. A layman would be bogged down by the terms “integration” and “differentiation”. At Chegg, the calculus is in the mind and is veiled within the answers.

Solutions are what we are known for, and the idea of the using the elements of nature into life is an extension of our multidimensional approach. The process of Integration begins here. In other terms, it is defined as the continuous sum of parts. The solutions that they author are basically the sum of many parts, which albeit small, added, gives the required result. The first step and the last step are the pillars on which the solution rests upon. From the first step to the last, the expert ensures that the beautiful picture in the end, is a result of many steps (the geeks would call it the ‘sum of parts’).

There are times when questions have come across for refinement. How would we tackle them? Armed with the inherent tool of differentiation, the minds set to work. The complete picture has now been provided and now begins the process of analyzing those small parts that made up the question. The ball is set to motion, each part is analyzed by the expert and refined, and all the small parts are given equal weightage and attention, thereby producing the final beautiful answer that appears on our website.

We hope that we would have your support as we usher a new dimension here at Chegg!

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